Take That Noodle Whore!

Just kidding! But, I thought of him when i had the best banh canh thit heo ever! supposedly this place is where everyone comes for this stuff. check it out. i took a picture of the sign in case you ever come to southern vietnam and want some of this goodness.

the banh canh was nice and chewy and i would’ve slurped up all of the soup if i didn’t have to take a long ride home to the place we’re staying at. i had the banh canh with the extra pig foot. =)

DSC_0077 DSC_0064 DSC_0062 DSC_0065 DSC_0069 DSC_0073

btw. here’s noodles whore’s website – http://noodlewhore.blogspot.com/


NOTE: Sorry to post, yet, again, but there’s way toooooo much good food around here… so, as long as i have internet access, i will be posting either my pictures or on my food blog. (see http://www.flickr.com/photos/michellewwwong for full size pics)

GREASE. That’s all i have to say about this entry =)

My last highlights of HK food. Behold deep fried oysters and spicy snails from ???. Also, some nice BBQ – roast duck and pork! mmm… crunchy skin
Fried Oysters Roast Duck Salted Chicken BBQ Snails

one more LA + some Hong Kong. Yip!

alright, i’m overseas right now, but i am still really excited about what i’m posting today – one more LA restaurant and some goodies from Hong Kong!

Sapp Coffee Shop
(323) 665-1035
5183 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90027

It’s a true hole in the wall in a yucky looking strip mall, but I love it! Anthony Bourdain (www.youtube.com/watch?v=956u_ykB3Po) and Noodle Whore like it. I like it, too! The thai boat noodle broth here is so concentrated that you can see the tiny bits of beef that is infused in it. It’s got a nice kick of spice and hint of lemongrass, along with all the other asian herbs thrown in there. Both B and I only got the regular one with just beef and noodles (#2), but I can imagine the #3 would be good, too, with extra tendon and tripe goodies. The thai iced tea was good, too – not too sweet and they even add a bit of crushed ice to make it extra icey =D
Condiments Thai Iced Tea Thai Boat Noodles Close Up


Lin Heung Tea House
160 Wellington Street
Central, Hong Kong
2544 4556

So, we’ve been having dim sum + other tradition chinese breakfast for the past two days, and I’d just like to share with you the wonderful deliciousness (thank you for that word mr squiggles) and greasy fabulousness of these items! and sooooooooooooooooo frickin cheap! we pretty much eat for less than 3 bucks each person everytime! what a score! though each place is probably a health hazard in itself, but oh well, we all got our shots, right? how can you pass up good food?

So below from left to right,

luo mi gi/luo mai gai – the best i’ve ever had so far – the glutinous rice was nice and gooey and HOT. the inside filling was super flavorful. luv it.
Taro/Turnip Pancake – Crispy on the outside, wholesome filling on the inside
Rice Porridge/Jook – smooth, warm and comforting
Chinese style meatballs – not my favorite because of being forced to eat a lot of them as a child
xiao mai/siu mai – again (probably because of the mindset of being in hong kong), the best we’ve ever had. the filling was flavorful. texture was nice and what’s the word in english? i dunno, but in cantonese, i would say very “song” refering to the nice bouncy and not too overcooked texture of the whole thing.
soy sauce chow mein – typical chinese breakfast item. oh so greasy and oh so yummy.

Lui Mi Ji Turnip Pancake Meatball Siu Mai Soy Sauce Choy Mein

Socal Revisited

NOTE: Possibly last food blog entry until I get back into the US from my tour of Asia (HK, Thailand and Vietnam). BUT! I will take plenty of food pictures because as of right now, the only thing on my mind is all the food I am going to eat and all the fruit that is going to be in season! Yip!!

Last Night’s Location: La Paella. Maybe it was because I went in with very high expectations. We got the seafood Paella but flavors WEREN’t amazing as yelp said. I expected something that needed 30 minutes to make to have an explosion of flavors. Somehow, it just tasted like minute rice quickly mixed with some seafood and sauces…

BREAKFAST: i’ve noticed that Yi Mei has been on the top 5 on LA yelp for the past few months, so we finally made it for breakfast. tasty it is. everyone in there was getting the traditional chinese breakfast – dou jiang and you tiao. so we got the dou jiang, you tiao + cong you bing and zhu rou xiao bing. all were quite tasty

(626) 284-9306
736 S. Atlantic Blvd.
Monterey Park CA 91754
IMG_8921 IMG_8923

DINNER: I’ve been waiting for this for 3 wks! to Chunju Han il Kwan… we had it a couple months ago but forgot to bring a camera! here are the tasty dishes from today – squid/pork bokkeum, kimchi jigae with all kinds of yummies (spam, hot dog, daikon, kimchi), See the wonderful stew boil!, and of course the best banchan ever! their rice is made uniquely also…. everything was good, and once again, we all ate like a champ. all this food fed 2 boys and a small girl (me) very very well… oh soooo good!!!!!!!!

(213) 480-1799
3450 W 6th St #106
Los Angeles CA 90020

Chunju Han Il Kwan Sign Close Up Pan Chan Noodles Stewing Jigae IMG_9175

Bad Food

So, sushi roku (Las Vegas, NV, Forum Shops) – this over glamorized restaurant they claim to be a japanese restaurant. They have happy hour even on Saturdays, so i said, “why not? it’s cheap.” CHEAP it is. On their happy hour menu, $4 for rolls (6 pieces), $3 for full size alcoholic beverages, and $2 for a mini chocolate volcano cake.

CONCLUSION: BAD BAD SUSHI. fish was not fresh at all and usually, rolls can become acceptable with a healthy dunk of soy sauce. No no no…. still BAD. Shall i post the pictures? heck no! my friend has been there more than once (only for the lychee mojito, she swears) and agrees that the sushi has always been bad. we even tried all the fish on the menu – none was acceptable, not even the eel with the eel sauce that usually makes it yummy. =P

Please, please, if you want a sushi fix do not go to a trying to be trendy place with bad food like Sushi Roku, even with cheap happy hour. If you want good ambience, trendy decor, pretty decent service and to get a little sloshed before a night of partying, then you can go. Just don’t expect anything to dazzle your tongue foodwise.

MICHELLE’S MOOD: UNSATISFIED and waste of calories

LATER EVENING SNACK: after sushi roku, we wanted something more satisfying, so we headed to DJK (chinatown area, Las Vegas). another mediocre meal BUT better than sushi roku i must say. i wanted naengmyun sooooo bad but they ran out?! how do you run out of that?! anyways… we settled for tasted-not-stewed-long enough seafood soondubu and some undermarinated-slightlyburnt-kalbi and some mediocre banchan (although the kimchi was especially good tonight)

CONCLUSION: comparatively better than sushi roku, but average at best. heck, it’s happy hr after 11 pm and open 24hrs.

MOOD: APATHETIC. time for bed

The Grill mediocre banchan soondubu & rice squid slightly burnt kalbi