Hot N Juicy Crawfish

Hot N Juicy Crawfish
4810 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 891-8889

Although I feel like the flavors of Boiling Crab (in Alhambra) are better, I still liked it. We ordered 1 lb shrimp of all the the flavors and it was perfect for a Friday night pig out. My favorite was the garlic one- all the bits of the garlic and the all the juices dripping of the shrimp. Tasty! Also, the deep fried catfish with tartar sauce was yummy and the cajun fries that come with the catfish were perfect -Nice and CRISPY and seasoned with the cajun seasoning! yum yum

Hot & Spicy Crawfish - Fried Catfish and Cajun Fries Hot & Spicy Crawfish - lbs of shrimp!

(12.10.2009 – p.s. get some chicken wings and roll them in the sauce a the bottom of the shrimp/crawfish/crab bags. you can thank me later!!!)

rosemary’s: another strip mall gem

(Summer 2011 Goodbye Rosemary’s, we will miss you dearly…)

luv it. luv it. another gem stuck in a janky strip mall with stein mart and krazy buffet. lol.

Rosemary’s Restaurant

just take a look at the pictures and all that nom-meriffic food! the tasting menu is pricey ($125 for 4 course + trio of dessert), but for the amount of food you get to eat, i say it’s frickin’ good deal. they’re not small portions. the prixe fixe is a good deal, too, with a choice of two appetizers and one entree. i usually don’t comment about the service, but it was amazing. i was coming back from the restroom and the server’s assistant was practically running from the other side of the restaurant to pull my chair out for me!

compliments of from the chef fresh bread! Hugo Texas BBQ Shrimp salmon tartare salmon tartare maytag blue cheese slaw and beef carpaccio crab croquettes seared sea scallops bacon wrapped swordfish ny strip trio of dessert mini creme brulee chocolate truffles and some nutty peanut buttery tasting crunchy candy my own full size creme brulee! good coffeeee

allow me to highlight…
1. the warm, toasty fresh bread! so fluffy and so toasty
2. hugo bbq shrimp and maytag blue cheese slaw. amazing! the shrimp had this wonderful grilled taste
3. the creme brulee! usually it doesn’t tickle my fancy like it does for so many of my friends, but after this one, i finally understand the appeal. the crunchy carmelized top shell is great with the not too sweet creamy inside. good? gooooooodddd. so good, in fact, that i ordered another full size creme brulee on top of the mini one that came with the dessert trio just for myself!


Here’s another restaurant I revisited Halloween weekend… but it was a bust.

Bar Hayama
1803 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

– Going from best ever flavors to disappointment. As many trendy places do, they start with a bang with the food and go to poopier in quality once it gets really trendy and popular…. what the heck. *sniff. If anyone has read my older post on Bar Hayama, it was amazing! See Post

The crispy rice with tuna and balsamic vineger sauce was still good, but definitely not as flavorful as last time. However, the black cod in butter ponzu sauce was not so good, and that was the winner last time! the fish was not flavorful at all! at least, we could still mop up the yummy sauce. Fried shrimp? meh. Oyster risotto? meh.

No pictures. it was just meh.

Texture Whore Strikes, again!

So for my halloween weekend food adventures in so cal…. =)

Went to Earthen in Rowland Heights for beef noodle soup (hong xiao niu rou mian), onion pancake (cong you bing) and pork dumplings (zhu rou sui jiao).  chewy, soupy, tasty, Nom nom nom nom nom….
(626) 964-1570
1639 S Azusa Ave
Hacienda Heights CA 91745

Went to Phoenix for grass jelly and tapioca drink.  chewy, refreshing, sweet, tasty…. slurp slurp slurp…
1709 Nogales St.
Rowland Heights Califonia

Went to Sanuki no Sato for fresh hand made udon Zaru style!  chewy, chilled, perfectly cooked udon.  NOM NOM NOM NOM!
(310) 324-9184
18206 S. Western Ave
Gardena CA 90248

Earthen Beef Noodles! Earthen - close up of beef noodles Earthen - onion pancake Earthen - pork dumplings grass jelly and tapioca drink sanuki no sato Sanuki no Sato

yolkiness + bacon = drooling profusely

Mon Ami Gabi, Paris Hotel and Casino
3655 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

best salad ever, huh? you’re thinking, “really?, really, girl?” yes!!! really! chunks of yummy bacon with a yolky poached egg! also, imbedded within the frisee salad were these incredibly delicious, buttery and crunchy croutons. their frites (a.k.a. fries) were pretty good, too. just salty enough. yip!

Decor inside Mon Ami Frites - a.k.a. Fries Frisee and Bacon Salad Best Crouton Ever!