Honmachi munchiessss

1263 E. Silverado Ranch Blvd. # 106
Las Vegas, NV 89183
(702) 270-0360

It’s advertised as DIY JAPANESE BBQ, but it feels like a fusion of Korean and Japanese. There’s tasty Kalbi written as Karubi…. ahhaha. FOr a limited time, they’re having $20 AYCE (All you can eat) for all the meat and goodies you can get into your belly! Not a bad deal.

My favorite items would have to be (in descending order) – Karubi (kalbi, flavorful), ribeye (very tender and juicy) and the kurobuta sausage (texture-gasmic hot dog experience ^_^*) Other items – gyu-tan (beef tongue), bacon wrapped asparagus, bacon wrapped enoki, miso salmon. Also, they have a fun dessert option (not included in AYCE), smores!! yip!

p.s. Wear clothes you don’t want to stink up. LIke any other Korean/Japanese BBQ experience, you come out smelling just wonderful, almost as good at HOt & Juicy Crawfish.

Smores Kurobata Asparagus with Bacon Miso Salmon Gyu-Tan and Enoki Wrapped with Bacon Beef Tongue (uncooked) Karubi (Kalbi) Cooking Karubi (Kalbi) Uncooked Ribeye (Uncooked) Flames

Anna’s Garden

Another option for Hong Kong Cafe food other than Cafe Noodle.

2012 – CLOSED

Anna’s Garden
5740 Spring Mountain Road
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 220-6713
(Located where Tipps used to be)

SOrry lah, dropped the ball again on the pictures.  Will post on future visits.

We had the…

1.  XO Beef Fried Udon (XO niu rou chao wu dong)- Kind of salty but I like the spicy kick from the XO sauce

2.  Chinese Broccoli and Oyster Sauce (gai lan)- standard yummy Chinese veggie

3.  Hainan Chicken (hai nan ji fan)- The chicken was pretty tasty.  The dipping sauce of ginger and green onion was good, too.  It’s definitely not as good as Savoy in Alhambra, but if you must have a fix, try it here.  The rice had a nice coconut aroma but was missing something… can’t quite put my finger on it.

Overall, quick and semi-friendly service for a Chinese restaurant. =)  I think the food is even better than Cafe Noodle *covers mouth.  kekekkekekekekeke

p.s. 03.11.2010 – Expect very poor service. Mediocre to average quality food. Cafe noodle wins sometimes but a title to be proud of…
p.p.s. 05.02.2010 – Why do we keep going back?! We keep coming out angry because we always get served the wrong items are take forever to make our meal! It’s mediocre Chinese food for crying out loud. Hrmphf!!! If this restaurant was placed in Hong Kong, it would completely fail because real Hong Kong restaurants may be rude and have very poor service. At least, they are on point with gosh darn tasty food.

Raku rocks.!!!!

(702) 367-3511
5030 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas NV 89146

This experience rivals the happiness level I experience at Echigo sushi. It was a texture-gasmic experience. Everything nearly melted into my tongue like buttah… mmmmm….. buttahhh….. Raku turned out to live up the hype (minus 1 dish).

The dishes…. *bounce bounce bounce
1. Sea Urchin and Seaweed Soup (Dashi Broth?) – The sea urchin was very fresh and not fishy at all. So, we made a spoonful of the broth with some seaweed and approximately 1 tsp of the precious Uni. I think my eyes just rolled to the back of my head from the wonderful seafood flavor and the tender consistency of the uni. Uni (Sea Urchin) is definitely an acquired taste, but I would recommend that if you were trying for the first time, please go to a place like Raku that gives you the good stuff! mmmm mmmmm!
Sea Urchin and Seaweed Soup

2. Blue Fin Tuna Sashimi – Not quite the best tuna I’ve ever had, but still melted into my mouth regardless… fresh fish is muy bueno.
Blue Fin Tuna

3. Kobe Beef Miso Skewers (1 more garlic, 1 more miso) – After Crapsteak, I’ve been wanting to try some real Kobe Beef. So, these Kobe beef skewers showed me what-it-is – Tender. Juicy. Flavorful. That’s how it should be!
Kobe Beef Miso Skewers

4. Negima (Japanese Sweet Onion)/Chicken Hot Pot – This dish I did not like so much. The broth was tasty but got too salty after drinking more of it. I like salt, but it was too much for me. The cubes of chicken were too dry and gritty for me, but then, I’m not a fan of white meat.
Chicken Hot Pot The Whole Hot pot... very hot!

5. Agedashi Tofu (Homemade Tofu!!!!) – Everyone was talking about this on Yelp. EVERYONE. Guess what? Everyone is soooo right. Fresh made tofu makes such a big difference on texture and flavor. The lightly fried outside layer + the almost creamy inside of the tofu paired with some roe on top = perfect. Definitely, try it. (Broth was the same from the Hot Pot? Still too salty…)
Agedashi Tofu

6. Green Tea Icecream and Green Tea Creme Brulee Topped with Green Tea Icecream – Perfect icecream – not too sweet paired with a not too sweet whipped cream. The Green Tea creme brulee was a nice twist from the traditional kind and still smooth and creamy with the night burnt topped.
Green Tea Creme Brulee + Green Tea Icecream and fluffy not too sweet whipped cream Green Tea Icecream and not too sweet whipped cream

p.s. I added some pics for you viewing pleasure for Big Fat Greek Fooooood

Big Fat Greek Fooooood

Market Grille Cafe
7920 W Tropical Pkwy # 170
Las Vegas, NV 89149
(702) 396-0070

I completely apologize for the lack of pics for this post because the food is sooo good (Pics updated 04.24.2009)! I go all the time for lunch, but I keep forgetting to bring my camera to work. This place is consistently tasty, and I don’t feel guilty about eating it all the time because most of the dressings and sauces are lower fat. I think the cutest thing is that there’s a cute greek mama who works the cashier. Everyone who works there seems really friendly, too.

Items I have tried:
1. Gyro – tasty, seasoned lamb, chopped romaine, tasty dill/yogurt dressing and warm flat bread
2. Gyro salad – everything in a gyro, just minus the flat bread and it’s vinegarette dressing and feta cheese.
Gyro Salad

3. Keftedes – Greek meatballs + some fluffy basmati rice
Ketedes - Greek Meatballs

4. Pomegranate Chicken Salad – White meat chicken marinated in pomegranate dressing and grilled to perfection, not to dry and juicy enough with a covering of more pom dressing, and all of it placed on a bed of baby spinach leaves.
Market Grille Cafe  - Pomegranate Chicken Salad

p.s. I ordered a whole Aphrodite Cheesecake (regular cheesecake with baklava bottom) from there, and that was fantastic! =D
Aphrodite Cheesecake (slice) Aphrodite Cheesecake (whole)

Seredipity 2 Las Vegas

Don’t go here for the food. Go here for their Frrrrrozen Hot Chocolate and other desserts. Food is average level comfort food with a big price. I would have to agree that the atomsphere is great for just hanging out and people watching on the strip with a couple big fat sundaes and a Fro-Ho. Yip! (Don’t expect the cute, cozy feel of what you get in New York)

1. Skinny Dipps (spinach dip) – I’ve had better, but not bad either…
2. “Pop” Corn “Rock” Shrimp – deep fried shrimp and popcorn, deep fried goodness – can’t hate that.
3. Mr Deans Mac & Cheese – The cheesy level was good, but I think the pasta was overcooked. I just came back from the south, so this definitely does not compare.
4. Mrs Rachel – A bomb diggity sammich with juicy pastrami, crunchy slaw all in toasty raisin bread. This was the winner of the meal
5. The chili – not a big fan of chili…. ask the yelper (see below)
6. Pot pie – *shrug… ask the yelper (see below)
7. Prim a Dona Vera – average …
8. Triple decker grilled cheese – three layers of toasty buttery bread + cheesy cheesy goodness.

CONCLUSION: Mrs Rachel wins out of all the real food that we tried. The desserts, of course, are the overall winner of the restaurant and the main reason to go.

Read this more in depth review by my friend, a much better writer!

DSC_0005 DSC_0010 Skinny Dipps "Pop" Corn and "Rock" Shrimp the Popcorn in the "Pop" Corn and "Rock" Shrimp Triple Decker Grilled Cheese Mrs Rachel Le Roux's "Prim a Dona" Vera Chicken Pot Pie chili Mr Dean's Mac & Cheese Mrs Rachel (cut open)


Managed to squeeze in some eats on a trip to Atlanta, but boy was it NOT hot in Atlanta. It was cold. So, cold that it snowed on the day we left! Wut da higgity?!

Anyhooooo… thanks to vu and amy, the food picks were great!

Gladys Knight & Ron Winan’s Chicken and Waffle
Southern ,Soul Food, www.gladysandron.net
(404) 874-9393
529 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta GA 30308

So, at Glady Knights chicken waffles, we all got the Midnight Train, which consisted of 4 fried JUMBO chicken wings and a waffle (flavor of your choice). In my case, I stuck with the original waffle. A bite of waffle, with some syrup and a bite of frriiiiieed chicken (crispy, flaky, without a mouthful of grease)! wa-la. partay in my mouth. This experience certainly beats Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in LA. The chicken was perfectly fried and the waffles were not wimpy like eggo waffles. p.s. The mac n cheese was bomb diggity. (We tried the other sides, collard greens, fried corn, sweet potatoes and coutry potatoes. Those were just aight)

IMG_3031 IMG_3035 The Uptown Mac N Cheese! sweet potatoes The Midnight Train The sides

Two Urban Licks
www.twourbanlicks.com, “fiery american food”
(404) 522-4622
820 Ralph Mcgill Bvld NE
Atlanta GA 30306

This place is very interesting. As we drove up to the location, we were in this warehouse looking area that looked abandoned and dirty. The exterior of this place was even scary looking, but our very nice taxi driver assured us that it is very beautiful inside. Indeed, it was! (see the pics)
two urban licks - exterior two urban licks - interior

Highlights of the meal – My maple leaf farms ducks breast – Italian sausage stuffed, cayenne sweet potato puree, and ancho bbq jus. The duck breast was so tender and was perfectly complimented by the italian sausage. It was not too salty and the was very moist with a touch of the jus…mmmm… melted in my mouth.

Maple Leaf Farms Duck Breast

The other highlight was the cheddar macaroni from the Pork dish. Gotta luv the melty cheese! (Other dishes that were just aiggghttt according to group consensus – Deep fried Oysters & Okra, Lamp lollipops, crab beignet, shaved calamari, Bistro steak, pork (tender but not flavorful)

the menu table + menu deep fried oysters and okra Shaved Calamari bistro steak two urban licks - pork - braised, ny cheddar macaroni, pork jus

Egg Works

Egg Works
Local B-fast joint.

What do I try? The corned beef hash of course! At this place, you have an option of the real stuff or the canned stuff. Gimme the bad stuff – totally canned and totally loaded with salt. Visually,it looked amazing. As I took my first bite, I thought it was pretty good – crispy, crunchy and salty! As I dug deeper though, I was disappointed. Only the edges were crispy and the rest was a big pile of sogginess. I don’t know about you guys, but I like my corned beef hash crispy (a la the Coffee Cup in Boulder City). BUT BUT BUT! The Works Potatoes are mighty tasty! Oh the flavor crystals! Picture the Red Robin seasoning coating the small lil’ square of crispy potato completely. Yup yup. THE FLAVOR CRYSTALS!

Conclusion: I’d go back for the potatoes, but no corned beef hash for me here.
update: 03.28.2010 – indeed, the Works Potatoes still mighty tasty. mmm mmm…

Chicken Salad Sandwich Strawberry French Toast The WOrks Potatoes and Chicken Fried Steak Corned Beef Hash Bacon, Mushroom Omelette THe Works Scramble