Opa Restaurant
2550 S Rainbow Blvd # W1
Las Vegas – (702) 876-3737

*sniff…. did I go in with high expectations, again?

The only thing that shined was the creamy hummus and the tzatziki. The chicken and steak kabobs seemed dry and the greek lasagna too soggy. however, the dolmades and spanokopita were great.

Conclusion: Maybe I expected better because someone greek recommended over Market Grille Cafe, but it was not worth definitely not worth it for the price we paid. The only other plus was that the service was pretty attentive.

Oh Los Angeles, how I miss your wonderful fresh foods and amazing hole in the walls!!!

where has fat girl gone?

I have no idea?  I know I’ve been eating…. but nothing has inspired me to post.  Going to Opa tomorrow.  I’m hoping that will inspire me!  Supposed to be muy deliciosa?


Still frequenting Market Grille Cafe (tho it’s not supposed to be good greek.  heck, i enjoy their salads and yogurt dill dressing), Indian Curry Bowl and the good ol’ Amerinese, Panda Express for daily lunches.