CFG’s Top Desserts

Top Desserts in no particular order – A biased list compiled on the fly? Yes! Doesn’t include what you like? Make your own! Agree with my list? Let’s go eat! =) More suggestions? Please, do!

Molten Chocolate Cake served WARM chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling and topped with vanilla ice cream under a crunchy chocolate shell from CHILI’S

Ultimate Fudge Brownie served WARM with vanilla bean ice cream, drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce, set atop vanilla cream sauce from KONA GRILL
750 S. Rampart Boulevard
Fashion Village at Boca Park
Las Vegas NV 89145

Butter Cake served warm with a side of fresh whipped cream (fluffy, creamy, and slightly sweet) from MAESTRO’S STEAKHOUSE(Chain)
633 Anton Blvd
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Egg Tart served fresh from the oven from GOLDEN GATE BAKERY
1029 Grant Ave (between Jackson St & Pacific Ave
San Francisco CA 94133

Portuguese style Egg Tart from MACAU

Mochi Icecream served freshly made every day from MIKAWAYA MOCHI (wins over Bubbies in Hawaii for immediate chewy mochi texture without defrosting for a bit)
118 Japanese Village Mall
Los Angeles CA 90012

Red Velvet Cupcake – a moist cake with rich and not stale cream cheese frosting. I don’t discriminate too much between bakeries, but in Vegas, Cupcake Lane iz fantastic, not so much with Retro Bakery. I have yet to adventure to Leopold’s!
Cupcake Lane

Tempura Green Tea Icecream – a just crispy batter and NOT fluffy, and the green tea icecream must be the real stuff, not the fluorescent green stuff.

Honey Toast from served fresh from the toaster with ooey gooey honey and huge scoop of cold vanilla icecream from Ichiza

Crème Brulee – a just-torched-perfectly-to-get-ever-so-slightly-burnt-taste golden crust with a smooth and creamy crème from Rosemary’s Restaurant

Sweet Sticky Rice served warm with condensed milk and perfect Mango/Durian from Southeast Asia

Various Vietnamese Che served from the street in Vietnam

Red Bean Dumplings served fresh from the steamer from Din Tai Fung leaving you to bite into the delicate skin and smooth red bean filling.

Fried Cheese Kurds!!!

LBS: A Burger Joint
Red Rock Casino Resort Spa
11011 W. Charleston
Las Vegas, NV 89135

[Update: 7/2014, recently closed and replaced by Mercadito. Sad that I can’t have deep fried cheese curds anymore.]

There were two items I really enjoyed at LBS and either was not a burger.

I really enjoyed the fried cheese kurds because 1. I luv cheese A LOT 2. Deep Fried 3. chewy and cheesy breadnessness was fantastic!! The potato twists were also good because the potato chips were seemingly freshly fried and topped with fry sauce (mayo and bbq?), AND we added heart attack style on top, which is chili on top. Other than these two items, I’m not sure my burger was that good (CABOT CHEDDAR + LETTUCE + TOMATO + PICKLE + BBQ SAUCE + SMOKED BACON + ONION
RING). The beef patty was not juicy and pink as we had ordered but I had grabbed the more cooked half apparently. The bacon was decidely rubbery and undercooked. The batter kept coming off of the onion rings that we ordered on the side – tell tale sign that they did not “sweat” they onions enough the night before battering and frying.

Potato twists Fried cheese Kurds Burger from LBS
Conclusion: CHEESE KURDS!!! (I’m still craving them 3 days later ^_^*)

Pupule for Island Flavor


8090 S Durango Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89113
(702) 876-2024

Coming back from Hawaii recently, I was definitely missing the delicious island food. Good thing we has Island Flavor here in Vegas, a mom pop shop opened by hawaiians. I ruv dericious mom-pop restaurants!

So here’s the run down.
1. Chicken Katsu Loco Moco – This was all kinds of -liciousness – fried-licious kastu, ooey gooey-licious over easy egg yolk, gravy-licious all over fluffy rice!
2. Beef Steak and Furikake Fried Shrimp – Could not taste the furikake in the shrimp, but overall the breading was crispy and tasty. The beef steak was on the salty side, but it’s nothing some gravy covered rice won’t fix.
3. Portuguese and Chinese Sausage Fried Rice – great!
4. Oxtail Soup – big tender pieces of meaty oxtail in a hot soup. comfort food? yes.
5. Korean Style Chicken Wings – chicken wings slathered in a sweet korean inspired sauce with sesame. very good.
6. Banana Pudding – the taste was reminiscent of a cinnamon roll with the creamy vanilla frosting on top but texture was of course mushy like bread pudding is supposed to be. texture whore can go without. thnx
7. Green Tea Icecream – I usually prefer the super strong authentic green tea icecream, so this one was a little too artificially sweet and neon green for my liking.

beef steak and furikake shrimp chicken katsu loco moco korean style chickcen wings oxtail soup portoguese and chinese sausage fried rice banana pudding green tea icecream
Conclusion: Pupule for above items #1-5

Tart and sweet

Tart Frozen Yogurt (CLOSED, probably stomped on by local chain giant yogurtland)
3555 S Town Center Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89135
(702) 242-8278

I have a special place in my heart for sbo/mom pop restaurants and businesses, and Tart is one of them. It is dwarfed by the yogurt giants around them such as Yogel’s, Golden Spoon and Yogurtland. So, I try to visit Tart, rather than the big boys. They taste just as good and have similar pricing. The disadvantage is that you don’t get to do it yourself and they are limited in flavors and toppings. It’s perfectly fine for me because all I get it the original tart flavor, which is oh so refreshing on a hot summer day, and fruits on top. Give them a try… support the small businesses =)

Tart's original flavor + kiwi, strawberry, mango

I don’t fancy real olives but….

Todd English’s Olives ain’t that bad
3600 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas NV
(702) 693-7223

Given the chance to eat a fancy restaurant in Bellagio for cheap, I jumped at it! Yaye for restaurant week by

The prix fixe combo I chose….
1. Ham and Cheese arancini – nice crunchy breaded shell with warm oozy cheese and ham.
2. A take on a BLT + Salmon – This consisted of two slices of thick cut bacon, baby spinach salad, toasted roll, salmon (slightly overcooked) + tangy tartar sauce. When I carefully constructed my bite to include every component, it was a very nice combo. BACON!
3. Drunk Dark Chocolate Trifle – A dark chocolate cookie and creamy vanilla icecream. Good but not as good as….
4. Banana Foster Cake – This is what I should’ve goten -Slight taste of liquor in moist cake + carmelized bananas.
Drunk Dark Chocolate Trifle Bananas Foster Salmon BLT steak Ham and Cheese Arancini
Conclusion: Prix fixe was good, but not impressive. I think Olive’s has more to offer outside of the prix fixe because our friend’s food outside of the prix fixe was supposedly excellent. Shall we go back? hmmmm

Bubbies has yummies

Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream & Desserts
1010 University Ave
Honolulu, HI 96826
(808) 949-8984

I tried the green tea mochi icecream and the strawberry mochi icecream. The mochi itself comes out pretty firm from the freezer, but starts to soften up as you eat it. The icecream inside is creamy and mild in flavor.
bubbies icecream bubbies icecream bubbies icecream bubbies icecream
Conclusion: Bubbies is good, but I like the fresh soft mochi icecream at Mikawaya Mochi better.

misc hawaiian goodies
McDonald’s – not the standard egg mcmuffin – spam, eggs rice breakfast!!!
Sumo Ramen – had some standard juicy gyoza and cold udon

McDonald's Breakfast! in MCTAB - Military Beach

My friend’s restaurant!

Alan Wong’s Restaurant…. ok, ok, not my friend, ALLEN WONG….
1857 S King St
3rd Fl
Honolulu, HI 96826
(808) 949-2526

Some people say Alan Wong’s is over-priced and over-hyped and others say it’s the best thing ever since sliced bread. I think I lie somewhere in between. I tried the 7 course tasting menu, like you’d expect me to eat any less… haha

Featured in the pictures….** I apologize for imprecise descriptions of the dishes, they took my personalized menu that I wanted to keep and promised to give it back to me. In the end, they accidentally threw it out, so I don’t have a copy of the tasting menu that I tried. =(
1. Seafood Salad – lobster, various herbs and green tinted marscopone cheese? Refreshing.
2. Pork sandwich – Take one bite of slow roasted pulled pork, drizzled with truffle oil (?) sandwiched between buttery crustini and one sip of a cold tomato/puree/soup. Textures were fantastic. Slightly too salty but overall good flavors and textures.
3. Mini Loco Moco – Mini quali egg, big fat slice of foi gras, a rich fatty meat patty!!!! the sauce at the bottom was very soy saucey and salty, but with minimal dipping with the rest of the ingredients, it was heart attack goodness. Couldn’t eat all of it though. Fatty foi gras and salty overload ensued. Good for only one fatty bite.
4. Some fish dish – By my name for it, can’t you tell I was sooo impressed by it? NOT. The fish that was supposed to be cooked was available, so they replaced it with this flaky, non-fatty thing. bah humbug.
5. Lobster thing – was it kind of tough? yes it was
6. Steak thing – was it kind of tought? yes it was, again…. and i was getting fullllllllll
7. Dessert taster – fruit tart had a nice flaky cup. strawberry shortcake was fluffy. the kona coffee chocolate mousse cake was the winner. It had wonderful coffee/dark chocolate crunchy base with smooth chocolate mousse. Woot.

NOT part of tasting menu
1. Cha Siu Quesadilla – interesting combo but still tasty. just like you would imagine – sweet pork + cheesy chewy of the quesadilla.
2. Lobster bisque – very mild, borderline no flavor…
3. on the side – (Garlic?) Butter – very creamy and rich. yum
Allan Wong's Restaurant Allan Wong's Restaurant Allan Wong's Restaurant Allan Wong's Restaurant Allan Wong's Restaurant Allan Wong's Restaurant Allan Wong's Restaurant Allan Wong's Restaurant Allan Wong's Restaurant Allan Wong's Restaurant Allan Wong's Restaurant

Conclusion: I definitely like the concept – Hawaiian/Asian fusion with great local ingredients. Some of the dishes needed some help like less salt/less sauce/less cooking/etc, but overall I think it’s above average. Not sure if I’d go back for the price tho….

Banana Pancakes

Boot’s and Kimo’s
119 Hekili St
Kailua, HI 96734
(808) 263-7929

Boot’s and Kimo’s is like any other breakfast place in the sense that it produces an incredible mind numbing food coma, BUT BUT BUT, the tongue will has the most fantastic time before it’s keels over for a nap.

1. Banana Pancakes with Macadamian Nut Sauce – Banana Pancakes are about 10-11″ in diameter covered with this wonderfully creamy macadamian nut sauce! The fluffy pancake with small chunks of banana should be best friends with the mac nut sauce. They should not be separated.
2. French Toast with Macadamian Nut Sauce – Okay, so if banana pancake were to break up with mac nut sauce. French Toast can because Mac Nut Sauce’s new best friend because they go great together – toasty texture of the French Toast and Uber creamy mac nut sauce.
3. Hash Browns – This is the nice side kick to Banana Pancake, French Toast and Macadamian Nut Sauce. Tasty side dish but it needs it’s sweet main dish friends. It serves a great role to balance out the sweetness of the others between bites. Crunchy, mildly salty with some great potato flavor.
4. The corned beef hash omelette (forgot the official menu name) – This omelette was the big brother to all of these dishes. Can totally shine on it’s own with it’s own tasty accompaniment of sausage/chinese sausage/spam (??) fried rice. It’s a hearty omelette with some of the tastiest corned beef hash ever. Dare I say it is homemade, AND I like it? I never like homemade corned beef hash! I actually like the over-processed tiny bits and fried to oh-so-crispiness. Can someone confirm whether it is homemade or not? Either way, it was boooooooomb diggity.
Boots and Kimo's Boots and Kimo's Boots and Kimo's Boots and Kimo's Boots and Kimo's Boots and Kimo's

Conclusion: It is a hearty, super sugary, semi-salty, coma-inducing b-fast probably worth 10 miles of running with 50 lbs on your back. Regardless if you’ve earned it or not, YOu gotta just try EVERYTHING…. Maybe not trying everything on one visit, but I’d keep going back if given the chance.

Servers are very nice. Definitely, go on a weekday when it is not crowded because the place is tiny.