Comfort food (Taiwanese Style)

Taiwan Kitchen
3409 S Jones Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 380-2999

Okay first off, I did not come in with a open mind on this place for one reason. I had one thing on my mind. Sticky. And, not sticky in a yummy-greasy-hole-in-the-wall way, but it was sticky like it’s hot with the AC not being cool enough, and there are no people eating in here because perhaps it is not delicious?

I hemmed and I hawed and finally chose something that sounded mildly appetizing. The mister had no problem picking his because we actually came in here for his hankering for Spicy Beef Noodle Soup.

Here we go:
1. Spicy Beef Noodle Soup – Not bad. Beef was almost perfectly tender and noodles were al dente. It is acceptable.
2. Minced Pork Rice Bowl (Lunch Special) – Plop on the table. Pickled mustard greens, hard boiled egg and PORK BELLY chopped into pieces over fluffy white rice and savory sauce. This was comfort food to the max. It was delicious. I probably consumed my calorie maximum for two days with the PORK BELLY, but boy, was it worth it. Check out my “perfect bite,” in cravingsofafatgirl (CFG) world, I tend to like to make perfect bites for everything. That means grabbing a spoon and carefully combining all ingredients in the dish in one bite-ful. For example, perfect bites in CFG world can happen with all noodle soup dishes, salads, sandwiches and burgers. This particular “perfect bite” consisted of fluffy white rice soaked with sauce, a few bits of pickled mustard and a “sprinkle” of PORK BELLY bits.

Conclusion: I’m not sure I’ll come back for other dishes that seem to just be chop-suey-panda-expressey dishes, but if the mister wants noodles and I want minced pork aka PORK BELLY bowl, we will return. 3.5/5 beeps!

Minced Pork Rice Bowl Spicy Beef Noodle Soup Noodles! The Perfect Bite

Return to Kabuto

Kabuto (Shall remain signless like a secret speakeasy)
5040 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 676-1044

[Update 7/15/2014: To date after 4-5 meals, we still haven’t had the amazing experience everyone keeps having at Kabuto. I don’t think we’re going back…]

[Update: Returned 12/1/2012 and I found that the fish quality was better but still not phenomenal by any means. The rice was warmer and fluffier. The fish was cut better. I attribute the last two listed improvements to the newer chef, we’ll call “The Rookie Chef.” We’ll call the once who cuts fish poorly and makes poor rice balls for the nigiri “The Amateur,” who was the one who was our chef for listed visit below on 10/3/2012) I wish we had Gen san the owner, but he was on the other side of the bar serving other guests. I was disappointed as the restaurant got busier and our service was switched from Rookie Chef to Amateur Chef. The final blow that made me not was to return was when he made our crab hand rolls and proceeded to finish the two rolls all at once before handing us the sushi. What were the ramifications of that? Well, the nori was soggy! The whole point of sitting at the bar is to get handed sushi almost immediately from the chef’s hands, is it not? Disappointed. Just disappointed.]

[Update: We returned once again (10/3/2012) and boy was I disappointed this time. Number one mistake: did not sit at the bar, so we did not get fresh right from the Chef’s hand. Fish was decidedly not super fresh and not cut very well. The rice was not warm, fluffy and chewy – perhaps even cold? Where was our delicately brushed aged soy sauce? Absolutely disappointing. Poor quality – minuscule portion size even for nigiri sushi. We might as well be eating at a sushi buffet.]

As I’m writing this post, I’m thinking to myself that why am I writing the names of the fish? During this food experience, I think most sushi want to sit and enjoy the full experience without having to THINK about what they’re eating too much. It’s about the warm rice, the fresh almost “buttery” texture of the fish and just the right about of soy sauce without going overboard. It’s about that moment of glory where you start chewing, your eyes want to close but shouldn’t so you don’t look too crazy at the sushi bar and the only thing I hear is “nomnomnomnomnomnom” whilst trying to hold back moaning for the same reason of not sounding crazy. *cue images of beautiful sunsets, gorgeous waterfalls, choirs singing “gloria”!

I actually remembered to document and take pictures this time though it seemed kind of blasphemous to take pictures and eat sushi at the same time. Yucky much? Oh well, for the love of food right?

For those who actually want to see the details on the fish, viola.
Baby Octopus
Chinu: Snapper
Ma-Aji: Jack Mackerel
Mejina: Opal Eye
Akahata: Red Rock Cod
Akami: Blue Fin Tuna
Chu-toro: Medium Fatty Tuna
Harasu: Salmon Belly
Ikura: Salmon Roe
Unago: Sea Eel
Kamashita: Kamashita Fatty Tuna
Uni: Sea Urchin
Ma-saba: Japanese Mackerel
Hand roll Toro and Scallion
Fresh Mochi filled with Green Tea/Vanilla/Mango Icecream

Conclusion: For Edomae sushi lovers in Vegas, this is NOT the best, but my friends, it will do very well in your bellies if you don’t want to travel further. 4/5 Beeps (relative to my “best” experience)

Menu Baby Octopus Chinu snapper Ma-aji : jack mackerel Mejina: opal eye Akahata: red rock cod Akami: blue fin tuna Chu-toro: medium fatty tuna harasu: salmon belly Special spoon for salmon roe Ikura: salmon roe Unago: sea eel Japanese omelette Uni: sea urchin Kamashita: kamashita fatty tuna Ma-saba: Japanese mackerels