ichiza wa ichiban desu. ^_^*

(702) 367-3151
4355 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas NV 89102
Open until 3 am

When I went to Ichiza for the first time, it did not live up to the expectations of Yelp Las Vegas. The only thing that was good that we ordered was the mackerel collar (?). Anyhoooo, so, this weekend I gave it another chance in hopes to prove me wrong. boy oh boy was I pleasantly surprised. I went with a bunch of people who were regulars there, so they actually knew what to order.

Every dish was so yummy and flavorful. I was told that some of these items are not on the regular menu, so ask the server for what is good in da house. They will recommend what those mysterious dishes those other Japanese patrons are eating. =) Note – i do not have the proper Japanese name for most items because I didn’t order. Sorry, lah.
1. Pesto Pasta – a free appetizer, pasta coated in a pesto sauce and chilled. nice.
2. Agedashi Tofu in some sort of yummy sauce. The tempura coating was crunchy and chewy at the same time because once it touched the sauce, it got a lil’ gooey, but just enough stayed crunchy to not be a gross kind of gooey. The sauce was ponzu-ish.
3. Pork Belly – reminiscent of a chinese dish also made with fatty fatty pork belly. This was also paired with a delicious sauce and meat of tender, juicy and fatty.
4. Tako yaki – a rice ball made with bits of squid inside. Chewy, sweet, salty all in one.
5. Shrimp Fried Rice – so simple but so yummy! and it was just shrimp fried rice?!
6. Cow Tongue – sliced cow tongue skewered and grilled. surprisingly tender and quite tasty. perhaps, marinated?
7. Yellow Tail Tartare – I think that this was my fave of the night because of the textures. a sandwich of rice and crispy rice cracker (?) topped with a sashimi yellow tail tartare. Crunchy chewy and with yellow tail tossed in a special sauce. The textures reminded me of eating a crunchwrap supreme at taco bell – chewy. crunchy. flavorful. satisfying.
8. Ochazuke – some sort of soup with rice and veggies. i liked it.
9. Garlic Chicken Gizzard – luv garlic. luv gizzard. good.
10. Spicy Eggplant and Shrimp – tangy, slightly spicy. nom nom nom…
11. Black Cod – I don’t know how they made it, but this was a fatty fatty flavorful piece of fish. mmmmmmmmmm
12. Ikayaki – tender pieces of grilled squid.
Pesto pasta appetizer Tempura tofu pork belly shrimp fried rice cow tongue close up:  cow tongue with chili flakes yellow tail tartare spicy eggplant and shrimp garlic chicken gizzard ikayaki black cod ochazuke tako yaki

13. AND FOR THE FINALE!!!!!! HONEY TOAST!!!! I love love love Honey toast!!!!! So, I think this is how they made it. They took a loaf of white bread. Cut around the inside, so that they could spread it with a lot of butter and honey. Toasted the sucker! And topped with a huge scoop of vanilla icecream. This was. AMAZING!!! Picture this bite: Warm and toasty crust of bread (for those crust lovers), Fluffy inside of bread (for inside lovers), burst of buttery goodness and ooey gooey of honey, all with a bite a cold vanilla icecream. *eyes rolling, mouth salivating… going into food coma….. *drooling soundddsssssss


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  1. Glad to see your blog up and running! Everything looks delicious and the shots are great. I envy you foodies, you are always eating something great!

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