A Wildflower in Tucson

7037 N Oracle Rd
Tucson, AZ 85704
P: 520.219.4230
F: 520.219.4232

Going into Tuscon, I did not have an expectation of having good food at all. Boy was I ignorant! Apparently, there is a restaurant group called Fox Restaurant Concepts with a number of restaurants across the western part of the country. I had the opportunity of partaking in Wildflower. The decor was eclectic, crisp and relaxing. Servers were all on point and all amazingly good looking! Food was a direct reflection of the atmosphere – fresh, relaxing, delicious and light.

We started with the Crisp Calamari with mizuna, Yuzu soy sauce and toasted sesame seeds. Never have I described calamari as light, but this dish was just that. Light, crispy, airy and tasty. The light drizzle of yuzu and sprinkle of sesame seeds rounded out the unique take on a common appetizer.

We shared a few entrees:
Mu Shu Duck Tacos with maitake mushrooms, avocado and green cabbage. An Asian twist on tacos had been spreading like wildfire across the country, and Wildflower’s take on Asian tacos rocked. The sweetness of the duck meat melded well with buttery flavor of avocado and the crunch from the green cabbage. My only complaint that the duck meat just a touch too mushy.

Shrimp Tagliatelle with broccoli, tomato, roasted garlic and crushed chili. Fresh made pasta cooked al dente always floats my boat. Shrimp was delightfully garlicky (yes, I’m making up words!).

Sweet PotatoTortelli and Savoy cabbage, crisp bacon and sage. Sometimes tortelli dishes can be a bit overwhelming with the fillings, but the sweet potato puree stuffed inside balanced out the heavier cream sauce and the crispy bacon.

Crisp Calamari mizuna, Yuzu, toasted sesame seed Mu Shu Duck Tacos maitake mushrooms, avocado, green cabbage Shrimp Tagliatelle broccoli, tomato, roasted garlic, crushed chili Fried Rice Sweet PotatoTortelli Savoy cabbage, crisp bacon, sage

Conclusion: I wish that I lived in the area to eat at Wildflower daily.

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