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What is Cravings of a Fat Girl Blog (CFG Blog)?
Cravings of a Fat Girl Blog is about sharing great food finds mainly in beautiful Sin City Las Vegas and from any other travels around the world. It’s about being passionate, having fun and enjoying food without taking it too seriously. I’d love to hear your comments and opinions (delicious or not) on what you think about the food, too!

The Origin of Fat Girl
So, the story goes that when I was a kid, I was the chubby lil’ girl with the lil’ chinese kid bowl cut. So chubby, in fact, that all my aunts loved to affectionately squish my fat rolls.  I grew up in a household where the kitchen was definitely the center of life and cooking and enjoying food was a component of many happy and delicious memories on mom and dad cooking Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine. Now, I’m all grown up (for the most part ^_^*) and no longer chubby, but still very much so a food lover.

Brother and Little Sister

Who is Fat Girl?
I am a native Las Vegan, born and raised, but I love to travel anywhere for great food to eat! I do not claim to be any sort of food guru or expert. However, I do love to share my excitement about food whenever I find a great place, whether it be from a 3 michelin star restaurant to the dumpiest hole in the wall ever. Nor am I a writing genius, so please, don’t pick on my poor grammar and CFG-ism’s (nommerific, mutha’ beepin’ good, etc.)

p.s. I’m a texture whore. Don’t feed me soggy food.

How am I going to rate my food?
Usually, I just like to talk about the food in detail and leave it at that, but after some thought and the star posting with my occasional double post on yelp, I’ll be implementing the “beep” system whenever I feel that the restaurant needs a quantifiable rating. 1 beep = uncool and untasty to the max, 5 beeps = fantastic, nommerific, texturgasmic/texturegasm, mutha’ beepin’ good!

Characteristics that may up the beeps exponentially
Hole in the wall feel – If I have to squat on the side of the street, even better
Texturerrific foods = perfect al dente noodles, deep fried goodness, chewy/crunchy, flaky
Tastes like mom made it
Flavor blasts – Cheese, truffle oil, bacon wrapped [insert food], foie
GRAS, fresh herbs, garlic is always gooooood
I like fat – bone marrow don’t scare me!
Nasty bits – I love processed meats like spam, corned beef!

Characteristics that may decrease the beeps:
Swanky, trendy, overly pretentious
Soggy or other texture fails
Tastes like store bought (exceptions: twinkies, ding dongs)
Flavor blasts when inappropriate (i.e. Too much salt, poor ratio of
sugar to salt or other herbs)

Why I usually do NOT comment on service
I usually don’t give a rats bootay about the service because I put most of my emphasis and enjoyment on the quality of food. Thus, this is why hole-in-the-wall establishments with poor service and questionable health department standards can reach 5 beeperoos for mutha’ beepin’ good food, and swanky places can get zero beeps. If it sucks enough for me to put them on blast like what we got at Crapsteak, then you know it’s gotta be bad.

Just in case you wanted to gauge my tastes in food, see CFG Favorite Eats for a more thorough elaboration.

Places I’ve been (to eat ^_^*): 
Europe – London, Paris, Florence, Pisa, Rome/Vatican, Venice, Lucerne
Asia – Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macau
Canada – Vancouver, Montreal, Niagra Falls
US – New York City, Pennsylvania, DC, Atlanta, Oahu, Maui, All over California Nor and So Cal, Nevada (Reno, Carson City, Pahrump, Tonopah, Boulder City, Las Vegas), Seattle, Tucson
Southeast Asia – Vietnam (HCMC, Hanoi, Bac Kan, Ha Long Bay), Thailand (Phuket/Pathong, Pattaya, Bangkok), Malaysia, Singapore

Upcoming: Sydney, Australia (Winter 2012)

4 thoughts on “About Fat Girl

  1. This is such a great blog! I love how you talk about food with such passion, detail and gusto! I stumbled upon yours when I was googling for blogs from Las Vegas (I might be making a big move to LV soon).

  2. Hi Chloe! Thanks so much for the kudos. I’m always surprised that people move to Vegas because I think everyone has a poor perception of it. There’s definitely life AND food outside of the strip, so welcome to Las Vegas (soon) =)

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