Aranya Thai Bistro
4195 South Grand Canyon Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89147-7171
(702) 243-1912

Oh boy oh boy! Another neighborhood Thai place NOT in Chinatown area. Love when we can save time and not have to drive all the way to Chinatown. Upon entering the restaurant, we were quickly greeted by the server and seated, and I have to admit that I was quite impressed by the well done decor. That aside, I would have to say that I was pretty satisfied with the food experience.

Had to order some our usual fav’s (Being that it was our first time here, we decided to play it safe and order 2 out of 4 level spicy just in case we didn’t want our bootays kicked too badly):
1. Papaya Salad – We couldn’t taste the spiciness at all. However, I still enjoyed the tangy and sweet refreshing and crunchy papaya shreds. Perfect for summer.
2. Tom Yum Gong – This soup I felt was way too sweet and also lacked any spiciness 92/4 spicy level). Someone was a little heavy handed with the sugar ladle, but the bf seemed to slurp his up happily.
3. Pad Kra Pow – We ordered this dish in the chopped beef form and it actually had some spicy kick. Maybe they forgot to add the spice in the other two dishes? *shrug. Either way, this dish was my fav of the night. Spicy, minty and flavorful. =)

Papaya Salad Tom Yum Gong Soup Pad Kra Pow (Beef)

Conclusion 08.02.2010: I’ve certainly have had better Thai food at other places, but this place is very a-ok in my book. 3/5 beeps

Conclusion 08.03.2010: Yup! I went 2 days in a row, but it did help me solidify my conclusion that the food here is definitely on the wayyyy sweeter side. Still just a-ok and prefer other Thai places over this one. Sucked in by the nice owner and the wonderful zen decor! 2.5/5 beeps

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