Aunt Wendy

Wendy’s Noodle Cafe
3401 S Jones Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 889-3288

I want to re-name Wendy’s Noodle Cafe to AUNT Wendy’s Noodle Cafe because by the time we were finished eating, it felt like I was leaving a family member’s home! Wendy’s Noodle Cafe is not like your other Chinese restaurants. It’s nice and clean in there, which most Chinese food connoisseurs know is not the case and the service was good! More on that as you read… but first about the food:

1. Seafood Tofu Hot Pot – This was small sizzling clay pot full of goodies. Though a small complaint on the ratio of tofu being more than the seafood, the components were all tasty. Crispy nuggets of tofu, nice tasty bites of fish, bamboo, squid sizzling in a smooth brown sauce.
2. XO four season green beans – Totally greasy but oh so crunchy, spicy and addicting. Definitely a super tasty (aka unhealthy) way to eat your veggies.
3. Steamed Chicken – We asked for the chilled version, but it came out warm. No biggie, that was definitely not the problem. The chicken was completely bland like someone had forgotten to season it. Perhaps I am biased because my mom’s seasoned chicken is utterly bomb and delicious, but this dish was lukewarm and tasteless.
4. Red Bean Float – This was a dreamy concoction of vanilla icecream, grass jelly and red bean. It was sweet, creamy and wonderful. It was totally a sweet tooth’s dream.

On to the warm fuzzies! Now, most kids of immigrant parents will know this. The way family members express that they care is not by saying I love you or by praising you. It is by asking about if you’ve had your normal bowel movements, if you’re hungry, if you’ve eaten enough or in other cases of “love,” they tell you’ve put on too much weight, that you look too skinny or that you haven’t eaten enough. In the case of Wendy’s noodle cafe, a couple of the aunties (the servers) and one that we suspect is Aunt “Wendy” herself asked us several times how 1the food was and if we’ve eaten enough. Also, seeing that we had most of our chicken leftover, she made a point to kindly comment that we ate so little, but we didn’t have the heart to tell the Auntie Wendy that it was bad!

Conclusion: Auntie Wendy failed us on the chicken, but for the warm fuzzie service, other bomb dishes, and the MASSIVE potential to try all the other desserts, comforting rice plates and fusion dishes, we are definitely coming back.

Steamed Chicken Red Bean Float Hong Kong Milk Tea XO Four Season Bean

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