Awfully Good! Awfully Tasty!

The Nugget Diner
233 N Virgina St
Reno NV 89501
(775) 323-0716

Returning to Reno, it’s been approximately 6 years since the last time that I experienced the glory of the awful awful burger at the diner in The Nugget in downtown Reno. So, on our rare trip back, we had to have it, and it was no other perfect time than 1130 pm at time for a greasy burger and crispy seasoned fries.

My first bite brought me back down memory lane to the days where I could totally down the entire burger AND the entire basket of fries. The burger patties here are of the “smashed” style left with a nice crispy char on the outside. The plethora of crispy fries are generously seasoned and I call you lucky if the chef ends up being more heavy handed with seasoning your batch of fries. Either way, you get a saltyriferous (yes, shouldn’t you be used to me making up words by now?) batch of heart attack spuds and I loooove it.

Awful awful burger at The Nugget

Conclusion: This is definitely THE diner to go to for the guilty pleasure of stuffing your face with one of the most fantastic greasy burgers and fries ever. 5/5 Beeps!

Tip: Get the ketchup and anything else that you might need beforehand because once your order is ready, you’ll want to chow down right away. If you’re slow, fries will get steamed by your burger sitting on top and you get a squishy mushy texture disappointment.

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