BB King’s got the blues

BB King’s Blues Club
The Mirage
3400 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

BB King’s got the blues on food, that is. Walking in, It had the potential of being a really nice hangout – bar/restaurant/lounge feel. Also after grazing the menu, I was expecting good ol’ deep fried southern food good. Usually, you can’t really go wrong with that stuff. Not even the fried dill pickles could save it. On a service note, our food took so long to come out that the manager had to go into the kitchen herself to make sure it was made for our table instead of delivering to someone else’s table. Despite the rush by the MANAGER, you’d think the food would have some extra attention and care to be made well? Nope!!

I had the chicken fried chicken, which came with cornbread, cheese grits, green beans and macaroni and cheese. Let’s start with the sides. Cornbread and cheese grits were just mediocre. Though the sauce of the macaroni and cheese was creamy and cheesy enough, the macaroni itself was too overcooked. The fried chicken was over fried. I could taste the slightly burnt breading and the chicken itself was waaaay too dry. You’d think the green beans would be along the same theme, but they were actually UNDER cooked. I might as well been eating raw green beans tossed with some butter.

My man had the scallops and shrimp. Again, it was poorly executed. The scallops were over done. How did we know? The bottoms were burnt! Also, both the scallops and shrimp were uber salty.

Conclusion: I left feeling gross and unsatisfied. Will not go back for the food. Poorly executed food even on grand opening days throw up a big red flag. Sorry, BB King, your music is groovy but the food is not.

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  1. It’s bad news when a BBQ place takes long to bring out the food. I don’t really trust the fancy hotels to make good BBQ. It just seems to lose great southern hospitality and ambiance.

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