Blue Water Bistro

Blue Water Bistro
3411 Lake Tahoe Blvd
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
(530) 541-0113

Blue Water Bistro had all the right ingredients for the perfect dining experience. It has a beautiful location on the pier of South Lake Tahoe with wonderful views of the beach and lake. The item that I chose had all the right ingredients – “Blue Water Bistro Sweet Potato Crab cake,” a crab cake paired with fresh baked bread, cheese and herbs. However, it was a big giant bust. Bread was mediocre. The crab cake was so mildy flavored that I could barely taste crab (lots of filler?). The fries that came with were incredibly soggy and cold! Very un-texturgasmic. The only redeeming item was their very unique clam chowder with hints of thyme and nice chunks of clams and potato, served piping hot.

Conclusion: This experience was a big disappointment but if I’m ever in the area again, I may give it another chance being that they were cooking for our very large wedding rehearsal party of 20+ people. Perhaps the great ingredients can shine next time around when prepped for a smaller party?

Blue Water Bistro Clam Chowder Blue Water Bistro Sweet Potato Crab Cake Sandwich

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