Bo Innovation

Bo Innnovation: X-treme Chinese Cuisine
Shop 13, 2/f, J Residence
60 Johnston Road,
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
(Private lift entrance on 18 Ship Street)
TEL: (852) 2850-8371

Adventures of foreign addressess….. Addresses in foreign countries obviously aren’t written like the ones in the US. So, Bo Innovation is actually off of Johnston St, on a small street called Ship (They didn’t list this “small” detail on their website, but it’s on the business card!), on the 2nd floor.

On hindsight, perhaps it was a bad idea to get the chef’s tasting menu because of our limited stomach space, but I had high hopes of trying a lot because we had traveled so far. We left quite stuffed at the end. So deceiving because everything was so small. Lol. That’s what 15 small plates of food will to ya!

Mau-Tai Sour Caviar, smoked quail egg, crispy taro Oyster, spring onion, lime, ginger snow Chrysanthemum Shrimp, wood fungus, "har mi" oil, chili, sweet soy Iberico 36, morel, vermicelli, onion foam Molecular "xiao long bao" Shangri-La Yak's Milk, cheese, "cheung fun", Black truffle Hairy Crab, roe souffle, marinated star fruit, pimm's and pomelo jelly, aged chinkiang vinegar Dan Dan Mian with Red Pepper Sauce Cod Balls, morel, extra virgin olive oil Sweet Bread, enriched oyster sauce, compressed watermelon, dragon beard, artichocke puree Iberico Secreto, crispy sweet and sour, lychee jelly, dehydrated pineapple almond icecream + infused with sandalwind 1 almond icecream + infused with sandalwind 2 Shui Jing Fang, poached caramelized banana, dark chocolate ganache Chinese Petit Four Jeen Dui with Dark Chocolate Filling

Without boring you with the specifics of each dish, you can see the description by scanning through my flickr titles). The only amazing bite was the molecular xiao long bao. It is a membrane filled with the perfect essence of all the flavors of the xiao long bao in juice form. Pop! and wow…. that is a xiao long bao.

CONCLUSION: This was a bit of an underwhelming experience. Everything else was good tasting, but I will not be craving seconds. Also, it was really expensive for the level of un-wow-ness, even expensive for US standards. Maybe, we’ll go back for lunch next time… maybe…

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