Bosa 1

Bosa 1
3400 S Jones Blvd, Ste 2A
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 418-1931

UPDATE 10/1/2012: Bosa 1 is now Pho Bosa at 3355 Spring Mountain Rd. LAS VEGAS, NV 89102. They are just off of Spring Mountain on Polaris next to Bikini Bar. Air conditioning is working. Space is plentiful and food is delicious! All the favorites are back (Bun Bo Hue, Bun Rieu), along with the availability of Pho now. Look out for delicious dessert offerings to come because Vanessa has learned new tricks in Vietnam.

With such a wonderfully fobby name, I just had to try it. We were first disappointed by the slightly higher price point as compared to other Vietnamese restaurants in the area, but most of the time, as long as it tastes extra good, price can be overlooked in my book.

What we shared for lunch
1. Nem Nuong Cuon – Spring rolls with a vietnamese sausage. I enjoyed the flavor of the nem nuong + the extra BONUS of the crispy deep fried dough in there. The dipping sauce that came with was reminiscent of Brodard’s in Westminster. It was definitely not hoisin sauce heavy, but it had its own refreshing sweet appeal.
2. Bun Bo Hue – This was in LARGE print right as you opened the menu, so we figured that it was a sign to try it. We were not disappointed. I would have to say one of the better bun bo hue’s in town and we were very impressed with the appropriate accompaniments of veggies – finely shredded various cabbages and herbs like freshly chopped rau ram (Vietnamese coriander)

Nem Nuong Cuon Bun Bo Hue Shredded veggies including fragrant rau ram Inside of Nem Nuong cuon plus bonus deep fried crunchy

Conclusion: Minus puntos for being more expensive than other Vietnamese restaurants in the area. Minus puntos for being slightly stuffy and hot for a Las Vegas summer. (Sorry for the next person who has to sit in my sweatiness….ew…sorry bad imagery.) Plus puntos for having very tasty Bun Bo Hue with the fragrant veggie accompaniments and crunchy bonus in our nem nuong cuon. Also, it can’t hurt to have a fob-a-licious clever restaurant name. Overall, I will return when I need my Bun Bo Hue fix. 3/5 beeperoos.

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