Brunch Heaven

2495 3rd St
(between 20th St & 22nd St)
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 252-2000

I’m not much of a “New” American food kind of person. I’m definitely more biased towards ethnic foods like Indian, Mexican and Asian, so when American food can impress me, it’s gotta be good. Serpentine did just that for me for brunch this past Sunday.

Fried Egg Sandwich (Leadbetter’s english muffin, fried egg, arugula, dill aioli, crispy potatoes) – The texture whore in me was jumping for joy! My anticipation was climbing as I assembled the beautiful layers. The english muffin was toasty and crusty. The fried egg was fried just enough so that the yolk was still a bit yolky without the risk of exploding everywhere upon the bite. The arugula was fresh and crunchy. The dill aioli was singing my name. One Bite……. HEAVEN. Also, they were not kidding when they said CRISPY potatoes. These golden nuggets were crispy and crunchy.

Country Fried Steak & Eggs (flat iron steak, scrambled eggs, biscuit & gravy, crispy potatoes, arugula) – The preparation for this country fried steak was unique. It had a tempura-like batter making the fried steak almost “light” and airy. It was delightfully (yes, I said delightful!) tasty – perfectly seasoned and crunchy.

The biscuit – I have to talk about the biscuit by itself. Something in my gut told me to order a biscuit on the side and that something was sooooooo right! This biscuit was fluffy and dense at the same time? How is that even possible?! The grill marks on the outside left a nice chewy texture and the fluffy and dense inside was mouthfuls of carb heaven. Could it get any better? Yes, I added on a pat… okay not a pat… I slathered on some butter. It was perfect.

Conclusion: Brunch was fantastic! Can I have some more?

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