Baguette Cafe

Baguette Cafe
8359 W Sunset Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89113
(702) 269-4781

All you have to do is say “flaky” and “buttery,” and then add “croissant” and “melty cheese”. That is the key to my heart. Baguette Cafe is a charming French cafe co-owned by Olivier and his mother Claudi (sp?). Not sure why it took me so long to come here, as it is on my way to and from work. It is also easily accessible on weekends because it is just off the 215 freeway on Tenaya in the Southwest.

Baguette has a plethora of baked goods, savory and sweet breakfast or lunch type items. Both hubby and I chose croissant sandwiches for our lazy weekend breakfast, his of the breakfast egg variety and mine of the ham and gruyere variety. Delicious. Flaky. Melty Cheese. Add some ice coffees on the side. Done.

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8680 W Warm Springs Rd Ste 170
Las Vegas, NV 89148
Phone number (702) 979-9797

I’m always fighting with the angel or demon on my shoulder. Should I be good or be bad. Usually “be bad” wins and I go bad BIG TIME, and most of the time, it’s just deciding on one thing that’s the battle. This time I let the person at the cashier decide for me because EVERYTHING looked too good for me to decide on one item. It as a gamble, but hey, we live in Vegas right? Har har har.

The menu is organized into healthy vs. happy. She made me narrow down to the savory and happy side. Boy was I satisfied with her selection. Hubby chose the #Merica’ (chicken fried steak over biscuits) – good husband, and I was surprised with the S’motherload (Shaved NY Strip, egg, sausage, potatoes, peppers, onions, cheddar & pico in a tortilla w/cajun cheddar cheese sauce). I ate almost the whole thing along with a biscuit I took from hubby’s plate. Scrumdiddlyumptios. That’s all I have to say.

SkinnyFATS SkinnyFATS


707 Carson Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 534-1515

eat. menu

In a town of fancy foods and celebrity chefs, eat. brings it back to simple food. The biscuits brought me back to my imaginary biscuit baking grandma’s kitchen with perfectly sweet berries. This was a mop it up and lick up the sauce moment, but I held back to not embarrass my husband. Though my truffled egg sandwich had the often fancy ingredient at high priced restaurants, this sandwich just brought it back to the roots, simple ingredients made well – fluffy eggs with just the right amount of truffle essence with thick cut bacon in between oh-so-amazing cloud-like pieces of ciabatta bread. Despite often being a fan of potatoes cut to smithereens and then deep fried to an unrecognizable state, I even ate all the big hunks of real pan fried potatoes.

berries and biscuits truffled egg sandwich corned beef hash

Go to eat to just eat.

CFG 10 American Breakfast Commandments

CFG 10 American Breakfast Commandments

1. You shall have extra crispy bacon
2. You shall have seasoned potatoes that are crispy and crunchy (Eggworks “The Works” Potatoes)
3. Any bread items shall be perfectly toasted and not soggy whether in sandwich form or not
4. Egg yolks shall be runny and mop-friendly for bread
5. Corned beef hash shall be pulverized to bits, smashed, and cooked to crispy perfection, so that it no longer resembles any form of real meat (Jamm’s Restaurant, The Coffee Cup)
6. Establishment shall offer a a variety of pancakes that are fluffy/cakey on the inside, and more specifically, red velvet pancakes that have slightly crispy chew on the outside (Babystacks)
7. Coffee shall have never-ending refills
8. Cheese shall be oozy and melty
9. You shall not be afraid of carb and fat friendly condiments like ketchup, real butter, and plentiful packets of sugar.
10. You shall not be on a diet

Disclaimer: These are only personal opinions of CFG.


Coco Donuts
10040 W Cheyenne Ste 145
Las Vegas, NV 89129
(702) 562-2626

Outside Box

Being in Vegas, I haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying the famous creation of Dominique Ansel or copy cats until now. Coco Donuts offer the decadent version in a few different varieties, and I ventured to try their cinnamon sugar with bavarian cream. First bite in, I enjoyed the sugary crispy crust with fluffy powdered sugar. Full bite in, I sunk my teeth through the full thickness of all the flaky layers. I was a tad disappointed by it being more doughy than light and airy, but the overall package is definitely a crowd pleasure. It wasn’t too sweet, and I thought the amount of cream piped in was just right, not too overwhelming and letting the buttery layers of the cronut speak for themselves.

Top view Bite view

Conclusion: Bravo Coco Donuts. Thanks for the cheery service and mom pop donuts. I got a whole dozen to take care of!

Dreamy Breakfast Sandwich

Sauce – Pizza & Wine
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Sauce - Pizza & Wine chalkboard Sauce - Pizza & Wine signage

I found a dreamy, indulgent breakfast sandwich. In an airport. In a pizza joint. Who would have thunk? On a quick trip to visit a friend in the Phoenix area, I was on my way home and hungry for something. I didn’t want a cold sandwich, nor did I want a greasy burrito or taco. I spied a modern looking, clean joint across the way and wandered over. I spied a pizza oven and a pizza menu, and just as I was going to settle for pizza for breakfast, which is by no means a bad breakfast, I saw a breakfast sandwich menu. I of course chose the egg, cheese and bacon sandwich – bacon was calling my name.

Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich Seasoned potatoes Toasted brioche bun

When it was delivered, I was floored. The sandwich was huge! AND, it came with side of perfectly seasoned potatoes. A few words come to mind with this sandwich that shouldn’t with such savory and traditionally heavy ingredients – fluffy, airy and light. The brioche bun was so fresh and soft. The eggs were delicate and not greasy. The bacon as nice and chewy. I struck jackpot; I found a dreamy breakfast sandwich in an airport. Deliciousness in an airport? I’m still in shock.

Conclusion: Hungry for an amazing breakfast sandwich? Try Sauce. If I’m ever back in the area, I just might try the pizza, too.