Baguette Cafe

Baguette Cafe
8359 W Sunset Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89113
(702) 269-4781

All you have to do is say “flaky” and “buttery,” and then add “croissant” and “melty cheese”. That is the key to my heart. Baguette Cafe is a charming French cafe co-owned by Olivier and his mother Claudi (sp?). Not sure why it took me so long to come here, as it is on my way to and from work. It is also easily accessible on weekends because it is just off the 215 freeway on Tenaya in the Southwest.

Baguette has a plethora of baked goods, savory and sweet breakfast or lunch type items. Both hubby and I chose croissant sandwiches for our lazy weekend breakfast, his of the breakfast egg variety and mine of the ham and gruyere variety. Delicious. Flaky. Melty Cheese. Add some ice coffees on the side. Done.

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Joel Robuchon at the Mansion

Joel Robuchon at the Mansion
MGM Grand
3799 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 891-7925


Joel Robuchon’s name really speaks for itself. The quality, the ambiance the whole sha-bang. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves on the beauty of presentation. Was it worth a small mortgage payment? Well, that’s all relative, isn’t it? =)

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Le Belle Terre Bread French Bakery

Le Belle Terre Bread French Bakery
8390 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89117
(702) 685-7712

Forget about going to the Paris Hotel & Casino for a “French” experience. I’ve got my own little French bakery in da’ hood! Ha. In da’ hood.

I’ve always seen this bakery driving by on Sahara, and I didn’t go until my wonderful and talented friend Alissa of Alissa Esposito Photography recommended it for our lunch date. This place is so legit that quite a few of the staff and patrons speak French as you start looking around. The aroma of butter and fresh baked goods gives you the instant good feels. I ordered the pressed ham and gruyere croissant sandwich and it is stuff dreams are made of – flakey, buttery, crispy croissant toasted with ham and ooey gooey gruyere cheese.

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I would highly recommend this place for an indulgent but Parisian (meaning lighter) breakfast or lunch.

5/5 Beeps!


Bouchon Menu

Bouchon Bistro
The Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino
Venezia Tower-10th Floor
3355 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

The stars seemed to align beautifully this night of gluttony. It was great service and ambiance from the get go. We had a server who was very passionate about what he was serving and seemed to genuinely love what we were about to eat. He had helps tips and advice on how to eat the dishes that we appreciated greatly and never short of fantastic recommendations. Skilled in the craft of selling his food! Also, I was in a party of ladies who could EAT (no food pushers around here)!

The following list will touch upon the advice Mr. Server endowed and the deliciousness that ensued.
Epi Bread Inside the epi bread with butter Bone Marrow Toasted Baguette Foie Gras Fresh Smoked salmon Bone marrow slathered onto toasted baguette
1. Epi Bread – “Pace yourself,” he said, but how do we when it was delicately crusty on the outside and warm and fluffy on the inside?
2. Bone marrow (Moëlle Rôtie) – “Take this [grilled, country] bread and spread the bone marrow on it. Then take the [Epi] bread and mop up the sauce,” he said. I think the imagery took care of that one.
3. Foie Gras (Terrine de Foie Gras, a.k.a. Jar of succulent fat) – “Take this toasted baguette [strips] and spread it. Sprinkle a little bit of the sea salt to open it up.” The richness of the foie gras spread on good bread made me forget all about pacing myself as Mr. Server stressed from the start.
4. Fresh Smoked Salmon Rillettes (Rillettes aux Deux Saumons) – “Spread this on the toasted baguette rounds,” he said. There goes my stomach space for the entree.

Frisee Salad Poached Egg French Fries Layered ... next to delicate beignet IMG_12Madagascar Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee Close up of Creme Brulee
5. Frisee Salad (Salade Frisée) – Two words: Poached eggs and bacons bits. My weaknesses
6. Mussels (Moules) – Fresh, sweet and full of essence of the sea
7. French Fries (Pommes Frites) – Golden, hot and crispy with a sprinkle of salt. The key to good fries is how it stays crispy even when cooled. That art alone impresses the texture whore (moi)
8. Steak (Steak Frites) – This was not any fancy wagyu beef, just a piece of prime flat iron, AND my friend bless her preference for well-done meat even ordered it medium well!! You would think that it’d be completely ruined, but it was utterly tender and flavorful. Did a well done piece of meat just melt in my mouth?
9. Gnocchi à la Parisienne – Dear Gnocchi, I really wanted to try you, but my stomach said no! Why did you say no… it looked so delicious.
10. Creme Brulee with Madagascar Vanilla Bean – But of course, I had room for dessert! Since the closing of Rosemary’s in town, I had not found an establishment to replace their perfect creme brulee. Bouchon almost did it. The delicate sugar shell cracked with a slight tap and the creme was smooth. It was just a touch too sweet compared to Rosemary’s.

Conclusion: My cholesterol says wth?!, but my tongue and stomach says, let’s do it again!

$ to Value Ratio: 4.75/5 Beeps – You’re paying for big portion size’s of expensive food
Yummy Factor: 5/5 Beeps
Texture Satisfaction: 5/5 Beeps
Average beeps: 4.91 Beeps

Last Meal of 2011

L’ Atelier de Joel Robuchon
3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 891-7777

3rd time was a charmer. Perhaps it was the enjoyable company and our last meal of the year. Stars were aligned and we had another wonderful night at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon(Previous Post). Let the descriptions speak for themselves. Your imagination will fill in the flavor and texture profiles.

L’AMUSE-BOUCHE – Foie gras parfait with port wine and parmesan foam
LE CÉLERI – Celery mousse with wasabi, beef stew gelée and slices of foie gras
LES HUITRES – Poached baby kussi oysters with French Echire Butter
LE HOMARD – Seared lobster on a macaroni with wild mushrooms
LA CEBETTE – White (might I add – FLAKY) onion tart with smoked bacon, quail egg “mirror” and green asparagus
LA LOTTE – Monkfish cheek and baby leeks, buttery shellfish sauce with lime and ginger
LE CHEVREUIL – Venison a la plancha, caramelized quince and cranberry
LA CAILLE – Foie gras stuffed free-range quail with mashed potatoes (might I add – JUICY and FATTY)
LE CHAMPAGNE – champagne gelee topped with a frozen raspberry mousse and rose scented meringue
LE CHOCOLAT – Chocolate sensation, « crémeux » Araguani, Oreo cookie crumbs

Le pain Beautiful decorations in l'atelier Le menu L'Amuse-bouche Our drinks Le celeri Les huitres Les huitres with caviar Le homard Le cebette La lotte La lotte zoom in La caille Le chevreuil Le champagne Le chocolat Le the Le the 2

You fancy, huh?

Guy Savoy
3570 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 731-7110

Let me set some disclaimers before I get lampooned for my comments. I enjoy hole in the walls over fine dining any day, but at the same time, I can be won over by fantastic flavors and textures nonetheless. So, if you’re not of the same mindset as me, prolly skip this review all together.

Guy Savoy has been on my radar for the last years for it’s glowing reviews, so being that it was our first time here, we went for the motherlode, the 10-course Menu Prestige. From our experience with previous tasting menus, we knew that we were in for a marathon of eating, so readied our stomachs. (I apologize in advance for my sub par illustrations of each elegant dish, but that’s all my food vocabulary can do. No fancy culinary terms here.)

Pre-meal bonus!
– Foie gras with a teeny tiny piece of toast – teeny tiny toast but with a big burst of fattyliciousness.
– Waffle with melty Parmesan Reggiano Cheese – savory but light and fluffy
– Cream of….. – There were so many cream of somethings, I forgot what this was, but the surprise mini crabcake hiding underneath was fantastic! Crabby seafood essence with just the right seasoning.

10-course Menu Prestige
1. “Eggs All Truffle” – Creamy decadence. First of the theme of Black Truffle. Thin slices of toast buttered with black truffle butter were paired so that we could dunk the tastiness into the yolky tastiness of the quail egg.
2. Langoustines in “Cold Steam” (Tuna Carpaccio) – This was more visually appealing than delicious. The cold steam was very amazing, but I’m not sure I appreciated the full flavors of the dish.
3. Crispy Sea Bass with Delicate Spices – call me a biased but this one did not impress me probably because it was more dry than delicate.
4. “Colors of Caviar” – oh so rich! It was only the 4th course in and I was already full!
5. Foie-Gras “en Papillotte” and Radish Bouillon – The 4″ mound of fat they call Foie-gras picked my appetite back up. Can never have too much of foie gras. It was juicy and oozed with fat. Beware, not for the weak of heart and those who fear fat.
6. Artichoke and Black Truffle Soup – a puree of artichoke with thin shavings of black truffle and parmesan reggiano, paired with….
7. Toasted Mushroom Brioche, and Black Truffle Butter – This was fantastic! The brioche was flaky and buttery and when you add some black truffle butter on it, you can beat the texturegasmic experience.
8. Roasted Poussin (Chicken), Black Truffle Potato Puree, Seasonal Vegetables Braised in Poussin Jus – The black truffle potoato puree was super creamy and of course, black truffle made it exponentially delicious. Is it blasphemous of me to say that costco whole roasted chicken was juicier and more succulent? gasp!
9. Seasonal Vegetables Braised in Veal Jus – Of all the dishes, this was probably the most disappointing. The vegetables were too salty and limp.
10. Fine Cheeses – Almost done! The cheeses are very full of flavor and quite enjoyable. It’s too bad we were filled to the brim!
11. Apple – Our pre-dessert palate cleanser of apple sorbet and another with apple “caviar” and foam. Again, I’m not usually a fan of fruity desserts, so could not enjoy to the fullest.
12. Chocolate Fondant, Crunchy Praline and Chicory Cream – There’s always room for dessert, and for a dessert as fine as this, I was in chocolate heaven. I love how the creamy chocolate fondant paired so well with the crunchy praline layer.

Conclusion: I think our stomachs lost the battle of gluttony in the end, but in a good way. Filled to the brim with quality ingredients and exceptional service. (We definitely had a laugh at our own etiquette mistakes and one waiter’s inability to disguise his disgust at us commoners for those mistakes.) Excellent fine dining. Sure beat my Joel Robuchon experience! Is it worth one visit? Yes. Is it worth going back? Meh, I rather have my hole in the wall or go to the more “casual” French dining with Le Atelier de Joel Robuchon.

Le Sommelier by cravingsofafatgirl Toast with Foie Gras by cravingsofafatgirl Waffle with parmesan reggiano by cravingsofafatgirl Cream of.... by cravingsofafatgirl Fancy containers of salt, butter and pepper by cravingsofafatgirl IMG_0172 by cravingsofafatgirl Surprise:  Crab Cake! by cravingsofafatgirl Bread Cart by cravingsofafatgirl Bacon Brioche by cravingsofafatgirl Toast with black truffle butter by cravingsofafatgirl "eggs all truffle" by cravingsofafatgirl Seaweed Brioche by cravingsofafatgirl Tuna Carpaccio by cravingsofafatgirl Tuna Carpaccio Side Close up by cravingsofafatgirl oooo..... Steammmm by cravingsofafatgirl more steammmm by cravingsofafatgirl IMG_0184 by cravingsofafatgirl Carrot Juice by cravingsofafatgirl Lemon Bread by cravingsofafatgirl crispy seabass with delicate spices by cravingsofafatgirl "Colors of Caviar" by cravingsofafatgirl Preplated: Foie-Gras "en Papillote" and Radish Bouillon by cravingsofafatgirl Foie-Gras "en Papillote" and Radish Bouillon by cravingsofafatgirl Artichoke and Black Truffle Soup by cravingsofafatgirl Toasted Mushroom Brioche, and Black Truffle Butter by cravingsofafatgirl Roasted Poussin, Black Tuffle Potato Puree, Seasonal Vegetables Braised in Poussin Jus by cravingsofafatgirl Black Truffle with Mashed potatoes by cravingsofafatgirl Braised vegetables by cravingsofafatgirl Cheese Cart by cravingsofafatgirl Fine Cheese by cravingsofafatgirl "Caviar" of apple by cravingsofafatgirl Apple by cravingsofafatgirl Chamomile Tea by cravingsofafatgirl Sweets for the coffee and tea by cravingsofafatgirl Chocolate Fondant, Crunchy Praline and Chicory Cream by cravingsofafatgirl Chocolate/Hazelnut Candy for coffee and tea by cravingsofafatgirl IMG_0208 by cravingsofafatgirl

Michel’s my belle of Diamond Head

Michel’s at the Colony Surf
2895 Kalakaua Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 923-6552

I admit that I was probably in a wonderful cloud from just being proposed to on their beach, but I was impressed with my overall experience at Michel’s. The staff was wonderfully laid back and attentive. I just love the wonderful Hawaiian hospitality. The food was also very enjoyable. Finally, you can’t beat having dinner facing the beach with the cool breeze and beautiful Hawaiian sunset, and you have the perfect view of Waikiki from Diamond head.

We enjoyed fresh oysters, the ahi duo, which was a perfect combination of ahi carpaccio with light truffle vinaigrette and ahi tartar with red tobikko, diced onions, & walnut oil, seared sweet and fatty foie gras, had a bonus of passion fruit sorbet that I thought was too sweet, and prime black angus filet mignon, kona crab stuffed in a succulent 1/2 Maine lobster, alongside hamakua mushrooms, asparagus, with a wild mushroom sauce & vin blanc.

Oysters by cravingsofafatgirl Ahi Duo by cravingsofafatgirl Passion Fruit Sorbet by cravingsofafatgirlPrime Filet, Lobster, & Crab by cravingsofafatgirl Vanilla, Coffee and Mac Nut icecream by cravingsofafatgirl

Conclusion: Perfect not overbearing not snooty service. Not the best food that I’ve had but very good food. Perfect ambiance. 4/5 beepz.