Recipe: Chè Xôi Nuoc (Vietnamese Dessert)

Chè Xôi Nuoc

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This dessert is has ingredients related to sesame balls and Xôi Dau Xanh, so naturally this was the last of the 3 desserts grand aunt would teach me that day. (This is also the least detailed in terms of amounts because it is the last dish of the cooking lesson.) From deep frying with Jin Deui, to steaming the Xoi and finally we were boiling the Chè Xôi Nuoc. Chè Xôi Nuoc is a glutinous rice ball filled with mung bean sweetened with coconut milk. It is a fun dessert to eat because the soft, chewy rice ball is paired with a ginger syrup, cool/creamy coconut milk. It is a great summer dessert.


Soaking Mung Bean Soaking Glutinous Rice Washing Soaked Mung Bean Dry Dry the Mung Bean

– 2 bags Mung Bean soaked 9 to 12 hours (Do not soak more because it affects the texture when cooking) and rinsed clean
– 5-6 lbs (This amount is a little fuzzy) Glutinous Rice, soaked for 12-14 hours, rinsed every 5 hours to prevent it from spoiling
– 4 lb bag of granulated white sugar
– Water (Grand Aunt emphasized to never use warm or hot water!)


Lots of pans and strainers

    Simple syrup (heat ingredients until dissolved):

Rock sugar Ginger Syrup

Fresh Ginger slices
Rock sugar


Coconut milk
Crushed sesame seeds

1. Pile mung bean into steaming tray with open area in the middle to allow for steam to circulate

Prepare Mung Bean for Steaming

2. Bring water to rolling boil. Steam mung bean starting on high heat but we turned it down to medium high (level 6) – don’t want too much moisture lost. Approximately 45 minutes.
3. Mash in wok on low heat with coconut milk. Make sure you don’t burn it. Allow to cool.
Pour in the steamed mung bean Finished mashed mung bean

4. Knead and form into balls.
Knead the mung bean Make the mung bean balls Mung bean balls!

    How to prepare dough (FROM SCRATCH!)

1. Blend glutinous rice with water until completely smooth and you feel no grains! About 10 minutes but may be more or less time depending on the horsepower of your blender.

IMG_1701 Glutinous rice in blender Blending glutinous rice

2. Pour blended glutinous rice into a cheese cloth or similar bag
Wet processed-in-blender glutinous rice powder Pressing water out of wet glutinous rice Bag of pressed glutinous rice powder

    Time to fill ’em!

1. Roll, knead and cut wet dough

Making a tube of dough to cut cutting the dough

2. Fill dough chunks with mung bean balls. Tip: Take your lump of dough and rough to round ball first, gently smash a with palm of hand. Grand aunt also recommends making the edges thinner than the center so that it doesn’t get too thick when you seal it.
3. Final step is to cook them in your ginger syrup until floating.
4. Allow to cool and serve with coconut milk.

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  1. Hello Camilla! Are you referring to the step where we place the blended glutinous rice into a cheese cloth? I believe we drained it for about half a day? It’s damp, but not sopping wet. Sorry, it’s not a technical response, but my grand aunt worked all by feel and texture.

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