Chewy. Tasty. Chewy.

Chang’s Hong Kong Cuisine
4670 South Decatur Boulevard
Las Vegas NV 89103
(702) 362-3663

Chang’s is usually the go to for dim sum after Ping Pang Pong in the Gold Coast. This weekend it seriously disappointed with the siu mai (shrimp/pork dumpling), ha gow (shrimp dumpling) and my beloved flaky egg tarts but it saved itself with one of my fav’s – Fried rice noodles in XO sauce. The rice noodles themselves offer a great chewy texture, but when fried with XO sauce, it lends itself a good kick from the XO sauce and crispy, yet chewy texture. mmm mmmm

fried rice noodles in xo sauce by cravingsofafatgirl

1.3.2013 – Update – Rio’s KJ’s is where it’s at for Dim Sum

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