Chewy. Tasty. TOASTY. Chewy.

Dad’s Grilled Cheese [CLOSED]
5255 South Decatur Boulevard
Las Vegas NV 89118-4917
(702) 247-6640

Maybe it wasn’t a bright idea to go after the superbowl where I gorged myself with as much pizza as I could possible stuff into my under-achieving stomach, but Brenda and I decided that we’d give a go. How can you turn down grilled cheese sammiches?!

Brenda ordered “The DJ” – other than the given of the toasty and chewy of cheese and toasted bread, the pastrami was nice and tangy. I actually liked this sandwich more than mine because of the tanginess.

I ordered “The Teacher” – normally this combination would win hands down. can’t really go wrong with bacon, fried egg and ooey gooey cheese, but The DJ won. I would’ve preferred my bacon crispier, but overall, pretty fatty and tasty. My side of curly fries were crispy and lightly seasoned. The key is that they stayed crispy.

Conclusion: Cheese lover’s unite and try it out. Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty.

DSC_0013 by cravingsofafatgirl The DJ by cravingsofafatgirl The Teacher by cravingsofafatgirl

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