Comfort Curry

Japanese Curry Zen
5020 Spring Mountain Rd
Ste 1
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 985-1192

It’s a rainy day in Vegas. It’s literally dropped at least 20 or so degrees and the temperature hovers around 50 degrees. What?! Only thing to do is to eat something warm and cozy. Curry it is. Curry Zen recently opened in what seems to becoming famous plaza on Spring Mountain and Decatur with the likes of Raku, Monta, Trattoria Nakamura-ya and Kabuto.

We enter into Curry Zen and it’s cozy and cute. The menu is simple. Pick your protein or carb and you get your plateful of aromatic Japanese style curry with fluffy pillows of rice.

Croquette Chicken Katsu

1. Chicken Katsu Curry – Crispy breading on the outside, white chicken meat on the inside.
2. Croquette Curry – A combination of peas, carrots, and potatoes with a crispy crunchy breaded exterior. Carb-licious.

Conclusion: It was comforting food on a rainy day. I had a fleeting thought that the menu was a little too simple, but perhaps, keeping it super simple is a good thing. Quality control ya? I made the mistake of getting 1 croquette ONLY and was still hungry! Don’t forget to order more protein and you’ll leave with a full satisfied belly. 3.25/5 Average beeps

$ to Value Ratio: 2/5 Beeps
Yummy Factor: 3.75/5 Beeps
Texture Satisfaction: 4/5 Beeps
Average Beeps: 3.25 Beeps

Menu Spices

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