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hmmm… so where do I start? We got seated right away and our bus girl was incredibly nice. However, we waited 10-15 min in the beginning and because our server had still not greeted us, our bus girl had to take our orders. server lady didn’t even bother to introduce herself when placed our starters down. hullo? we’re paying for service and food. hullo. oookaayyyy… so maybe they were busy? whatever, the main point of this blog is about the food right? So, then comes the start of our tasting menu – caesar salad, proscuitto, lobster bisque and grilled red peppers, all just whatevers. not bad, but nothing to rave about.

THEN…. we get our kobe wagyu beef and skirt steak, the steaks that i’ve been fantasizing about all week! One bite into the kobe, it tasted more like i was chewing into Kobe Bryant’s lean and toned muscles than a Kobe cow that doesn’t have to lift a leg for it’s entire life, massaged everyday and given alcohol to drink. what the heck?!! it was sooooooo frickin’ chewy. oh why oh why did we not complain? omg. so bad i wanted to spit it out, but being that we were in such a “fancy” establishment, i held back. what about the sides? the creamed sweet potatoes, spinach, and potatoes were just whatevers, too.

The only redeeming factor was the fresh cinnamon roll. I ate all of it – it was warm, ooey gooey, with crunchy/crispy outside. oh baby. Enough to make me go back? Whatever!

Conclusion: Maybe craftsteak just had a bad night, but CRAPSTEAK ain’t gonna get another chance to redeem itself.

the Meat Warm Cinnamon Roll

REVELATION???? 2009.04.01 – we were told by some experienced kobe beef eaters that we’re supposed to get better cooked than medium rare so that the fat is melted or something…. THE SERVER SHOULD HAVE TOLD US! hullo!!

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  1. That’s too bad. I’ve said that one of the best steaks of my life have been at craftsteak (mgm). It was an open range grass fed new york strip loin cooked rare, paired with a bordeaux. I remember it was the first time I had real steak tartare (with raw egg). All this was a few years ago tho. Pity.

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