Coco Donuts
10040 W Cheyenne Ste 145
Las Vegas, NV 89129
(702) 562-2626

Outside Box

Being in Vegas, I haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying the famous creation of Dominique Ansel or copy cats until now. Coco Donuts offer the decadent version in a few different varieties, and I ventured to try their cinnamon sugar with bavarian cream. First bite in, I enjoyed the sugary crispy crust with fluffy powdered sugar. Full bite in, I sunk my teeth through the full thickness of all the flaky layers. I was a tad disappointed by it being more doughy than light and airy, but the overall package is definitely a crowd pleasure. It wasn’t too sweet, and I thought the amount of cream piped in was just right, not too overwhelming and letting the buttery layers of the cronut speak for themselves.

Top view Bite view

Conclusion: Bravo Coco Donuts. Thanks for the cheery service and mom pop donuts. I got a whole dozen to take care of!

4 thoughts on “Cronut

  1. Those look so good, the only version I’ve encountered were sadly from the Safeway Bakery, and were dry and tough. Cream filled doughy sounds mighty fine!

  2. Ansel’s are indeed more ‘fluffy’ than Coco’s, but I actually likened Coco’s more to a croissant than Ansel’s. Check out Al’s for another local Vegas Cronut – though I actually did prefer Coco’s, Al’s was certainly more ‘fluffy.’

    As I’m relocating to Las Vegas next week I’ll need to investigate more; it appears pinkbox is now doing cronuts as well, and I still need to get to Ronald’s for some ‘standard’ donuts.

  3. Good tip! Will have to try Al’s. I was this close to trying Pinkbox cronuts, but alas, they were closed when I drove by after work yesterday.

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