Dim Sum madness…

I don’t know about you guys, but going to dim sum, I always tend to have my heart set on a few items, especially the yummy not too sweet dim sum desserts at the end. Mmmmm…. Gai mei bao (baked bun filled with lotus paste)… mmmm…. dan tat (I can never say no to the buttery flakiness of the crust and the heavenly golden and warm sweet center)……Also, why am I always starving when I go to dim sum? It’s probably from either a long night of partying or the wait for a table was so long because everyone and their great grandmother is there at this one dim sum place because it’s supposed to be the best ever and the dim sum carts full of steaming deliciousness are rolling past you over and over again tormenting your mind, teasing your stomach, and making your mouth drool profusely!!!!! *hoo hoo heeeeeeee hooo hooo heeeeeee ok ok… breathe Michelle. Breathe. And, as I feel my light dimming, yip! Finally, the big family of 15 finally leaves and the hostess can finally get that other big family of 13 in. We’re next on the list!

Seated. Dilemma… what do I eat first? Then the hunger just kicks in and I order everything from one cart in one shabang – (Cantonese to the Cantonese cart lady) leung long siu mai, leung long ha gow, yut long luo mai gai, phuong jao, cheung fun, ngau yuk yun, etc… this might be a little overboard, but who cares?! The tummy is hungry! Rawr! Devour devour devour… nom nom nom. Ok, the crazed moment is passed.

The beast of hunger is tamed. Now, thinking thoughtfully, what I can leisurely eat now? Ooh, those deep fried cart is passing by. *drooling… the grease… gimme the greaseeee. Ooh ooh, next cart! Can’t forget the steamed cha siu bao. Two of those, please.

All the salty foods are eaten up and everyone is feeling super full and I’m contemplating whether it’d be okay to unbutton my pants. Oh wait. What iz dis left on the table? The freshly baked desserts!! How could I forget about them!? Oh why o why did I not leave room for this?!!! No. I came here for the dessert. I WILL have dessert. Down goes the egg tart. Oh the flaky goodness…the warm sweetness of the gooey center… This is what dreams are made of.

Anyone else have this dim sum experience everytime they go? Or is it just me and my fat girl cravings? ^_^*

shrimp encrusted with toasted sesame ji wei bao siu mai

Ping Pang Pong
Gold Coast Hotel & Casino, Hong Kong Style Chinese Food
Las Vegas, NV

Update 03.08.2010
Zhu Fan Tong = literally bamboo, rice, tube/container
This is something I’ve never had before at dim sum. It consists of a bamboo container with steamed rice. The version that we ordered was with the chicken and mushroom variety. Think of the comfort and nostalgic feelings you get from eating either from clay pot rice or a sticky chicken rice wrapped in a banana leaf (luo mi ji/luo mai gai). This Zhu Fan Tong/Jook Fan Tong was the same level of comfort and tastiness. Fluffy rice, steamed tender free range chicken and tender shitake mushrooms with a light soy sauce.

Zhu Fan Tong - two of them! by cravingsofafatgirl Zhu Fan TOng by cravingsofafatgirl Zhu Fan Tong - the inside by cravingsofafatgirl

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