Dim Sum Treasure in Henderson

East Ocean Dim Sum & Seafood Restaurant
9570 S Eastern Ave
Henderson, NV 89123
(702) 567-4800

Happy Chinese New Year! Here’s to a year of delicious food.

Here’s our newest dim sum find in Vegas and they were suprisingly delicious! Our go to used to be Ping Pang Pong in the Gold Coast because it was the best among mediocre Vegas dim sum. Now East Ocean Dim Sum, a gem over in Henderson, is the much better option. Textures were chewy when it was supposed to be chewy, crunchy when supposed to be crunchy and mmmmmmm flaky and buttery when supposed to be flaky…… mmmmmmm

It offers the surprisingly tasty dim sum, helpful staff in a large and seemingly clean restaurant, AND the bonus is that it is smoke free. =)

Conclusion: It is a 30 minute drive across town for me, but I will travel to eat.

Update: 09/2012 – word on the street – This place’s dim sum quality has gone down the hole.

GAO Mei bao Ha gow Shao Mai Rice noodle Egg tart Taro

2 thoughts on “Dim Sum Treasure in Henderson

  1. wow it’s hard to remember there are places in the west that are not smoke free! Too bad, I liked the name ping pang pong! Happy new years

  2. Yea, smoking is not allowed in restaurants, but if the restaurant is located in a casino without good ventilation, we still smell the smoke. =P

    Happy New Year!

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