Here’s another restaurant I revisited Halloween weekend… but it was a bust.

Bar Hayama
1803 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

– Going from best ever flavors to disappointment. As many trendy places do, they start with a bang with the food and go to poopier in quality once it gets really trendy and popular…. what the heck. *sniff. If anyone has read my older post on Bar Hayama, it was amazing! See Post

The crispy rice with tuna and balsamic vineger sauce was still good, but definitely not as flavorful as last time. However, the black cod in butter ponzu sauce was not so good, and that was the winner last time! the fish was not flavorful at all! at least, we could still mop up the yummy sauce. Fried shrimp? meh. Oyster risotto? meh.

No pictures. it was just meh.

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