Discovered in a business park? Wha?

So, nestled in a middle of a modern business park is Vintner Grill. It’s almost as good as finding a hole in the wall in a strip mall. Not exactly sure how it got here, but definitely a diamond in the ruff. Also, if you happen to be seated outside, it’s almost perfectly romantic with the candles and shrubbery around until you look across the street and see jiffy lube. lol! anyhoo… I’m here for the food, right? da food was ah-may-zing. ok, take that back. 1 dish was ah-may-zing, and the others were short of a zing but still good. Side note: so the server was saying something about they change the menu daily depending on what ingredients are fresh that day blah blah blah blah… something something…

Vintner Grill
10100 W. Charleston Blvd., Suite 150
Las Vegas, NV 89135

1. crabcakes – i luv crab and this was bursting with the sweet flavor of crab and lightly seared on each side for a touch of crispiness. nom nom nom…
2. the bread – reminded of when i read anthony bourdain’s books and he mentioned that in those fancy schmancy restaurants they hire a specific chef/talent to bake the bread because they are so good at it. this was goooood bread.
3. my duck confit with wild mushrooms, pancetta, purple haze, chili oil and fresh chopped parsely. it was just a glorified pizza. i kind of wish i chose something more fancy and required more actual cooking skill than something you throw together and stick in an oven. but oh well, it was tasty tho
4. prime beef tenderloin with peppercorn sauce, brie potato puree and grilled asparagus – this was the winner winner of the meal! the beef was so tender and the peppercorn sauce was tangy and had a nice kick to it. potato puree was nice and garlicky. can’t say no to garlic! give it to me!
5. dessert didn’t blow my socks off, but can’t complain much about dulce de leche cheesecake and tiramisu. (again, it’s not HONEY TOAST from ichiza!!! omg… i think i have to go get a fix soon)

crab cakes fresh bread duck confit flatbread beef tenderloin tiramisu dulce de leche cheesecake

Conclusion?: despite being pricey, me thinks i’ll go back!! oh yea, you have to try the pear martini!! don’t remember the exact name of it, but it had some clever play on words ^_^*

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  1. This is the defacto power lunch/power dinner spot in Summerlin for white collar folks. Good place for networking.

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