Dreamy Breakfast Sandwich

Sauce – Pizza & Wine
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Sauce - Pizza & Wine chalkboard Sauce - Pizza & Wine signage

I found a dreamy, indulgent breakfast sandwich. In an airport. In a pizza joint. Who would have thunk? On a quick trip to visit a friend in the Phoenix area, I was on my way home and hungry for something. I didn’t want a cold sandwich, nor did I want a greasy burrito or taco. I spied a modern looking, clean joint across the way and wandered over. I spied a pizza oven and a pizza menu, and just as I was going to settle for pizza for breakfast, which is by no means a bad breakfast, I saw a breakfast sandwich menu. I of course chose the egg, cheese and bacon sandwich – bacon was calling my name.

Bacon, egg and cheese sandwich Seasoned potatoes Toasted brioche bun

When it was delivered, I was floored. The sandwich was huge! AND, it came with side of perfectly seasoned potatoes. A few words come to mind with this sandwich that shouldn’t with such savory and traditionally heavy ingredients – fluffy, airy and light. The brioche bun was so fresh and soft. The eggs were delicate and not greasy. The bacon as nice and chewy. I struck jackpot; I found a dreamy breakfast sandwich in an airport. Deliciousness in an airport? I’m still in shock.

Conclusion: Hungry for an amazing breakfast sandwich? Try Sauce. If I’m ever back in the area, I just might try the pizza, too.

2 thoughts on “Dreamy Breakfast Sandwich

  1. wow does that look good! I love a good breakfast sandwich, must note that down in case I ever come across that distinctive sign, and they decide to expand out west!

  2. for sure try it! the airport was actually really clean with shiny floors and no stale air.

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