Egg Works

Egg Works
Local B-fast joint.

What do I try? The corned beef hash of course! At this place, you have an option of the real stuff or the canned stuff. Gimme the bad stuff – totally canned and totally loaded with salt. Visually,it looked amazing. As I took my first bite, I thought it was pretty good – crispy, crunchy and salty! As I dug deeper though, I was disappointed. Only the edges were crispy and the rest was a big pile of sogginess. I don’t know about you guys, but I like my corned beef hash crispy (a la the Coffee Cup in Boulder City). BUT BUT BUT! The Works Potatoes are mighty tasty! Oh the flavor crystals! Picture the Red Robin seasoning coating the small lil’ square of crispy potato completely. Yup yup. THE FLAVOR CRYSTALS!

Conclusion: I’d go back for the potatoes, but no corned beef hash for me here.
update: 03.28.2010 – indeed, the Works Potatoes still mighty tasty. mmm mmm…

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