Flaky, golden numminess

Kee Wah Bakery (in 99 ranch plaza)
150 W Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 280-2515

Jim’s bakery (SE corner of garvey and garfield) was closed for relocation so the hunt for egg tarts lead us to Kee Wah bakery in the same ‘hood. I always have a preference for the flaky crust vs. the cookie crust because why? Duh, I’m a texture whore, and I was not disappointed by Kee Wah Bakery. They had two choices, the regular flaky crust or the portuguese one. We went with the regular flaky one, though I think it was a win-win situation.

The filling was fluffy, light and not too sweet, and the crust was so flaky and buttery, it was difficult to not get it all over the place, on our face and look like cookie monster. The messiness factor gave it extra puntos for sure. =)

kee wah bakery egg tart kee wah bakery egg tart
Conclusion: I was not sad that Jim’s was closed that day. Kee Wah Bakery, you saved the day!

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