Fleming’s Steakhouse
8721 West Charleston Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89117

I feel bad *sort of* about my bad attitude I have towards most chain restaurants. Usually I have the expectation that their food won’t be prepared with love because it is a CHAIN. Sorry to say it, but I think I’m usually right about the no-love-preparation part.

Fleming’s is another prime example of it.

1. Crab Cake – Good amount of crab but salty.
2. Creamed Corn – Overcooked and too salty
3. Grilled Asparagus – Cooked okay but still too salty
4. Filet Mignon – Got it rare this time. Very tender, but somehow not hitting the money flavor shot.
5. Bone-in Ribeye – the BF got it medium, rare. This was actually not bad. Pretty juicy and cooked right.
6. Chocolate Lava Cake – This is the dessert that shines. Warm chocolate gooey center with moist chocolate cake surrounding it. Very rich and tasty. Minus points for having sub-par vanilla icecream. It wasn’t very creamy.

Conclusion: Fleming’s has two strikes total. First strike for over done steaks the first time. Second strike for mediocre food overall the second time. They’re out. *perhaps I’ll go back just for the chocolate lava cake ;). 2 Beeps.

Sorry no pics again… darn the poor lighting.

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