Food Media

Random list of articles and videos for your drooling pleasure

Food Research
Yelp – Gotta add this one. Though, I find that I don’t agree with Yelp Las Vegas as much. I say give it some time and a lot more reviews like LA and SF.
Allrecipes – great resource for recipes of all kinds. successful and yummy so far (just looked for the highly rated ones)!
Los Angeles Times Food Section – interesting articles of new restaurants, food, etc… all in LA…
Rasamalaysia – great site for all kinds of asian recipes that aren’t too complicated. i don’t enjoy cooking with recipes that require a million ingredients
How to Eat a Chicken Wing – this shows you how to debone a cooked chicken wing and enjoy it in all it’s boneless glory
40 Delicious Vietnamese Dishes
40 Hong Kong Food We Can’t Live Without

Restaurant Videos
El Bulli – wow. award winning microgastronomy. it will be closing soon for renovation and revise of menu… not that i ever had a chance to go anyway..ha.
French Laundry – Thomas Keller, are you really that amazing? I have yet to make enough money to go but my amazing visit to ad hoc will have to do for now =)
Sapps Coffee Shop – thai boat noodles? i likey a lot a lot and so does my thai friend
Jiro Dreams of Sushi – The epidemy of Edomae style sushi. Watch the video for sushi drooling pleasure.

Check out some of my fav food blogs/food pictures –
Bento Business – muy interesting site on creative ways to make a bento box. looks yummy, too!
I love Food Group Flickr – yummy pictures posted by everyone from all parts of the world.
Serious Eats – compilation of various kinds of food articles, stories and videos

Fun Links Yet to Explore – chinese recipes – korean recipes =)

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