Fresh Noodles

Beijing Noodle Cafe
4130 S Sandhill Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89121
Neighborhood: Eastside
(702) 641-0666

I’ve been chewing on this post for a bit. We went here just around Christmas time of last year, and I wasn’t sure what my opinion was on it. Usually, I’m all over fresh noodles and potstickers because it is my favorite breakfast food of all time. Beijing Noodle Cafe gave me a mixed bag of feelings, and I’ve concluded that it comes down these these reasons:

1. I am Cantonese…. I’m used to more robustly flavored dishes and northern Chinese cuisine usually does not deliver on that. Beijing Noode Cafe was not robust in the dishes that we ordered (jia jiang mian, lan zhou noodles)
2. I love Fresh noodles! Hand cut or hand pulled.

Conclusion: Simply for the love of fresh noodles, I will go back and try again. =)

Jia Jiang mian Potstickers LAN Zhou noodles Beijing style noodles

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