Fried Cheese Kurds!!!

LBS: A Burger Joint
Red Rock Casino Resort Spa
11011 W. Charleston
Las Vegas, NV 89135

[Update: 7/2014, recently closed and replaced by Mercadito. Sad that I can’t have deep fried cheese curds anymore.]

There were two items I really enjoyed at LBS and either was not a burger.

I really enjoyed the fried cheese kurds because 1. I luv cheese A LOT 2. Deep Fried 3. chewy and cheesy breadnessness was fantastic!! The potato twists were also good because the potato chips were seemingly freshly fried and topped with fry sauce (mayo and bbq?), AND we added heart attack style on top, which is chili on top. Other than these two items, I’m not sure my burger was that good (CABOT CHEDDAR + LETTUCE + TOMATO + PICKLE + BBQ SAUCE + SMOKED BACON + ONION
RING). The beef patty was not juicy and pink as we had ordered but I had grabbed the more cooked half apparently. The bacon was decidely rubbery and undercooked. The batter kept coming off of the onion rings that we ordered on the side – tell tale sign that they did not “sweat” they onions enough the night before battering and frying.

Potato twists Fried cheese Kurds Burger from LBS
Conclusion: CHEESE KURDS!!! (I’m still craving them 3 days later ^_^*)

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