Fukuburger Truck
Las Vegas, NV

Coming back from a late night rendezvous to support some friends across town with their cover band, we back upon a food truck. I thought it was so cute that my man got so excited that he called it a lunch truck! haha! We had accidentally discovered FUKUBURGER in Chinatown. It was almost midnight and the factors of “discovering” the food truck and having the late night munchies made this delicious points go up. Eating outside with yummy food and listening to hip music made me feel like the “cool” kid in high school.

1. Tamago burger (burger patty, egg over easy, onion strings, teriyaki sauce and furikake) – The yolky egg easily won me over, but the crunch of the onion strings and furikake cemented its win. It wasn’t the tastiest patty ever but definitely texturegasmic.
2. Fuku Moco – this was basically a mini loco moco bowl with an added bonus of bonito flakes and extra oozy yolky egg. Another texture win!
3. Seasoned fries- These were piping hot, extra crispy and perfectly seasoned.

Conclusion: If you have the late night fatty munchies, find fukuburger. 4/5 Beeps.

Tamago burger, seasoned fries, fuku moco bowl by cravingsofafatgirl

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  1. wow, I love your description, what combinations of delicious and what a cool find! I especially like the name…

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