Ghetto Fab

Pop’s Pride of Philly Steak

501 S Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89107-3922
(702) 878-6444

On the way there, a few people pulled over. Pulling into the parking lot, there are some off duty cops chowing down on some cheesesteaks. We’re on Decatur and Alta. Are we in the ghetto? I’d have to say that we’re at least pretty close. Worth the drive over? Well, let’s see….

1. #23 Cheesesteak with bell peppers with Whiz – The roll was nice and crusty, but I think the steak filling lacked in some juicyness. And, alas, I am more of a provolone type of girl instead of the ooey gooey of the cheese whiz.
2. Their frieeessss are pretty fantastic. Freshly fried to order, which leaves a hot, crispy and salty satisfying bite. Get regular or sweet potato with or without whiz. All faaannnntastic. nummy.

Pop's Philly Steaks Cheesesteak with bell peppers and cheese whiz Fries wit cheeze whizzzz Sweet potato fries

Conclusion: Keep in mind, I have not tried the greats in Philly, a la Geno’s/Pat’s/Luke’s, and I enjoy the mall’s greatsteak sandwiches (gasp!). My conclusion of Pop’s: it’s aight. Dare, I say that I prefer Boardhouse sandwiches’ cheesesteak? Yesh, I do.

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