Hai yah!

Kung Fu Plaza Chinese Thai Restaurant
3505 South Valley View Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 247-4120

My family even before I was born has been going to this place for years, and there is one secret item that they love. For some reason, I just tried recently. I see the light!

You see, on their menu is a item called “Duck Noodle Soup.” However, the connoisseurs of food that my family members are order it “DRY.” What’s that you say? It’s the duck noodle soup without the soup! When it comes out, the noodles are soaked in all of it’s duck fat and duck sauce glory, with of course of sprinkle of either a little more sugar or msg, which I spied on this last excurision. I didn’t inspect too long because I was hungry and it didn’t matter if msg or more sugar was added. I just knew it was tasty. Add some of the various extra condiments on the side like chili slices soaked in vinegar (?), and it is a flavor explosion delight. We also ordered a side of fried chicken wings with some sweet chili dipping sauce on the side. Tasty tambien.

"Dry" Duck noodle by cravingsofafatgirl Fried chicken wings with sweet chili dipping sauce by cravingsofafatgirl

Conclusion: Fantastic. 5 beeps for being a hole-in-the wall with consistently tasty food. Also, try their chicken fried rice. It’s cooked in some sort of fatty goodness.

p.s. When they ask you which size rice noodle to order, make sure that you are very specific. For, we wanted the type noodle (rice stick) that you get with Pho, however we got the really skinny kind (mai fun) instead due to misunderstanding. Still tasty, nonetheless, but texture whore would have preferred the rice stick in Pho. Note to self: Ask patty how to say that type noodle in Thai.

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