Harry’s Meat Pie: Thanksgiving in a cup

Harry’s Cafe de Wheels
730/742 George Street
Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia
(02) 9211 2506


When you go to Sydney, there’s a few things you probably have to do. Among those are going to the Opera House and viewing/walking their famous bridge, and of course, one MUST try Harry’s famous meat pies. Hubby and I were in Sydney around Thanksgiving, so I found it all appropriate to have the original meat pie with peas and mash. The doughy crust along with the savory meat, comforting peas, mash and gravy made it like Thanksgiving in a cup.

Lean Meat Pie Inside

p.s. We also tried another meat pie vendor called Pie Face. I found that their crust was more flaky, and it was just as delicious. http://pieface.com.au/

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