Heart Attack Paradise

lindo michoacan - chorizo sopito lindo michoacan - queso fundido lindo michoacan - lindo flameado Shuseki - Oh My God Roll

I’m not a connoisseur of Mexican food simply because I like it all – Lindo Michoacan, Taco Bell, Del Taco, Latino mom’s cooking, downtown LA on MLK mexican… it’s all good to me. BUT BUT BUT – I do love heart-attack-waiting-to-happen food (when it’s meant to be greasy that is) like twice baked potatoes with all the bacon, sour cream and melty cheese in the world, gordon biersch garlic fries, big fatty fat gourmet burger from islands. Ya get it? fatty fat fat. fat! Well, here i introduce….

Lindo Michoacan
(702) 838-9990
10082 W Flamingo
Las Vegas NV 89147

Take this CHORIZO SOPITO in all it’s greasy-porkiness-deep-fried-dough glory
lindo michoacan - chorizo sopito

and COMBINE it with

this wonderfully gooey cheesy QUESO FUNDIDO! (dare i say better than frank & fina’s?)
lindo michoacan - queso fundido

= this girl dies happy. right after i eat this – Lindo Flameado. coconutty deep fried covering – chewy. crunchy. cold. yummy.

lindo michoacan - lindo flameado

deep fried icecream…… yes, frieeedddddd…..

SIDE NOTE: shuseki wins with another one!!! This is an OMG roll composed of tempura shrimp and avocado on the inside, and tuna, deep fried crispy onions on the outside, topped with a tangy spicy sauce. now. can you picture that in your mouth? mmmmmmmmmmmmm…..

Shuseki - Oh My God Roll

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