Helena’s Hawaiian Food
1240 N School St
Honolulu, HI 96817
(808) 845-8044

I pretty much have to try anything the travel channel recommends and yelp highly rates, which is how we ended up at Helena’s. Our two foodie friends Selene and Chris had already eaten here the past two days, ao they already knew what to recommend.

Fatty fatty goodness! Here’s the breakdown…
Kahlua pork – Best that I’ve had -smoky, fatty and super moist shredded pork.
Laulau- Pork shoulder in taro leaf, similar experience to the Kahlua pork. Moist and fatty but no smoky flavor as it is steamed.
Short Ribs Pipikaula- Short rib – Short Ribs aged in their marinade first and then deep fried. Though I thought it had good flavor but I didn’t enjoy the beef jerky texture probably resulting in their aging process and deep frying.
Beef stew- this was bomb! Slowly cooked tender beef cubes and flavorful savory thick soupy/sauce. I totally licked the bottom of the bowl.
Tuna poke- fresh tuna in a fresh sauce.

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