Kaba Curry
6475 W Charleston Blvd Ste 160
Las Vegas, NV 89146
Neighborhood: Westside
(702) 589-0370

Kaba!  (Hippo)

First off – I love Kaba Curry’s cute hippo mascot (Kaba is hippo in Japanese by the way). Kaba Curry is located in a cafeteria like location on Charleston near the College of Southern Nevada’s (CSN) north campus along with other college friendly vendors for Korean food, Mexican, boba drinks and chicken wings. Seems as though they’ve got the right idea: FEED THE HUNGRY COLLEGE KIDS WITH COMFORT FOOD, otherwise it’s pretty empty in the evening once all the students have gone home.

Kaba Curry Order Tonkastu and Croquette Curry Croquette and Sausage Curry

Between the three of us we got pork katsu/Tonkatsu, chicken katsu, sausage and potato croquette. The shining star of the set was actually the potato croquette. It was fried to a golden crisp. Huge crunch on the outside and creamy potatoey on the inside. The curry sauce wasn’t bad too, and the chicken and pork were not dry and quite tasty.

Conclusion: They may be empty in the evenings now, but I think word will soon spread. Get your Japanese curry fix before there are lines out the door!

$ to Value Ratio: 3.75/5 Beeps
Yummy Factor: 3.75/5 Beeps
Texture Satisfaction: 5/5 Beeps
Average beeps: 4.16 Beeps

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