Ho ho sik ah!!!

Yung Kee
32-40 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
TEL: (852) 2522-1624

Thanks to my mom for this nommerific recommendation. Though we lost our sense of direction upon getting out of the subway exit and got just a tad bit lost, we were made it. Thank goodness to google maps/iphone compass and some nice people. Ok, done plugging the iphone! woot!)

To some people, they might think Yung Kee is not worth it because it’s way to expensive for the type of food that you get, but I really wanted to try their famous roasted goose. I think our total came out to around to not more than $40 US-ish, and mom and I scarfed down pretty much everything. We’re Chinese. Can’t waste food, right?

1. Thousand Year Egg – very meh. Not anything special in flavor at all
2. Choi sum with crab (real crab!) gravy – Crispy and tender greens with a gooey-seafood-sweet crab gravy-liciousness!! We ate everything and literally scraped the bowl for all the sauce.
3. Braised tofu and black bean scallops – very fresh scallops and smooth tofu. The tofu wasn’t house made but the scallops were very fresh and very tender.
4. Roasted Goose Leg!!! Oh the glorious crispy skin and juicy goose meat. Check out the pictures and I took the close up macro shot of the skin just for our viewing pleasure. Do you see the texture?! Yes!! Glorious. =)

Thousand Year Egg by cravingsofafatgirl Choi Sum and Crab Gravy by cravingsofafatgirl Roasted Goose by cravingsofafatgirl Roasted Goose - zoom in by cravingsofafatgirl Scallops, Tofu and Black Bean Sauce by cravingsofafatgirl
Conclusion: I don’t care if it’s expensive for HK standards. I’m going back!!

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