Honmachi munchiessss

1263 E. Silverado Ranch Blvd. # 106
Las Vegas, NV 89183
(702) 270-0360

It’s advertised as DIY JAPANESE BBQ, but it feels like a fusion of Korean and Japanese. There’s tasty Kalbi written as Karubi…. ahhaha. FOr a limited time, they’re having $20 AYCE (All you can eat) for all the meat and goodies you can get into your belly! Not a bad deal.

My favorite items would have to be (in descending order) – Karubi (kalbi, flavorful), ribeye (very tender and juicy) and the kurobuta sausage (texture-gasmic hot dog experience ^_^*) Other items – gyu-tan (beef tongue), bacon wrapped asparagus, bacon wrapped enoki, miso salmon. Also, they have a fun dessert option (not included in AYCE), smores!! yip!

p.s. Wear clothes you don’t want to stink up. LIke any other Korean/Japanese BBQ experience, you come out smelling just wonderful, almost as good at HOt & Juicy Crawfish.

Smores Kurobata Asparagus with Bacon Miso Salmon Gyu-Tan and Enoki Wrapped with Bacon Beef Tongue (uncooked) Karubi (Kalbi) Cooking Karubi (Kalbi) Uncooked Ribeye (Uncooked) Flames

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