Managed to squeeze in some eats on a trip to Atlanta, but boy was it NOT hot in Atlanta. It was cold. So, cold that it snowed on the day we left! Wut da higgity?!

Anyhooooo… thanks to vu and amy, the food picks were great!

Gladys Knight & Ron Winan’s Chicken and Waffle
Southern ,Soul Food,
(404) 874-9393
529 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta GA 30308

So, at Glady Knights chicken waffles, we all got the Midnight Train, which consisted of 4 fried JUMBO chicken wings and a waffle (flavor of your choice). In my case, I stuck with the original waffle. A bite of waffle, with some syrup and a bite of frriiiiieed chicken (crispy, flaky, without a mouthful of grease)! wa-la. partay in my mouth. This experience certainly beats Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in LA. The chicken was perfectly fried and the waffles were not wimpy like eggo waffles. p.s. The mac n cheese was bomb diggity. (We tried the other sides, collard greens, fried corn, sweet potatoes and coutry potatoes. Those were just aight)

IMG_3031 IMG_3035 The Uptown Mac N Cheese! sweet potatoes The Midnight Train The sides

Two Urban Licks, “fiery american food”
(404) 522-4622
820 Ralph Mcgill Bvld NE
Atlanta GA 30306

This place is very interesting. As we drove up to the location, we were in this warehouse looking area that looked abandoned and dirty. The exterior of this place was even scary looking, but our very nice taxi driver assured us that it is very beautiful inside. Indeed, it was! (see the pics)
two urban licks - exterior two urban licks - interior

Highlights of the meal – My maple leaf farms ducks breast – Italian sausage stuffed, cayenne sweet potato puree, and ancho bbq jus. The duck breast was so tender and was perfectly complimented by the italian sausage. It was not too salty and the was very moist with a touch of the jus…mmmm… melted in my mouth.

Maple Leaf Farms Duck Breast

The other highlight was the cheddar macaroni from the Pork dish. Gotta luv the melty cheese! (Other dishes that were just aiggghttt according to group consensus – Deep fried Oysters & Okra, Lamp lollipops, crab beignet, shaved calamari, Bistro steak, pork (tender but not flavorful)

the menu table + menu deep fried oysters and okra Shaved Calamari bistro steak two urban licks - pork - braised, ny cheddar macaroni, pork jus

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