Hot N Juicy Crawfish

Hot N Juicy Crawfish
4810 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 891-8889

Although I feel like the flavors of Boiling Crab (in Alhambra) are better, I still liked it. We ordered 1 lb shrimp of all the the flavors and it was perfect for a Friday night pig out. My favorite was the garlic one- all the bits of the garlic and the all the juices dripping of the shrimp. Tasty! Also, the deep fried catfish with tartar sauce was yummy and the cajun fries that come with the catfish were perfect -Nice and CRISPY and seasoned with the cajun seasoning! yum yum

Hot & Spicy Crawfish - Fried Catfish and Cajun Fries Hot & Spicy Crawfish - lbs of shrimp!

(12.10.2009 – p.s. get some chicken wings and roll them in the sauce a the bottom of the shrimp/crawfish/crab bags. you can thank me later!!!)

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  1. Your site is nice! Congrats! I love the layout of the four pictures with different sizes on your main page.

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