I’m a sucker for Product Branding

Lee’s Sandwiches
8779 Valley Boulevard, Rosemead
(626) 291-2688

As much as I like to say I “hate” chains and their chain food. I’m a big fat hippo. I’m really a sucker for a lot of chain stuff like Olive Garden bread sticks and salad, McDonald’s Filet O’ Fish/ROUND Chicken McNuggets, Papa Johns thin crust pizza and buttery garlic sauce, Panda Express Orange Chicken, Claim Jumper’s Motherlode Cake, Morton’s/Fleming’s Molten Lava Cake… and the list goes on.

When it’s comes to fellow Asians/Asian Americans doing it right with product branding and promotion, I get a strange sense of pride like the company was my own family and they were doing everything so well, despite their product being a mild bastardization of the original homemade mom/pop cooking.

Lee’s Sandwich is one example. Walking into the Valley Blvd Lee’s Sandwich location made me swell with pride. 1. They have a simple logo that is all their own. 2. Fast and efficient service most of the time 3. They have great product branding and mass appeal of asian snacks like manjoo, vietnamese sandwiches, vietnamese pastries and vietnamese ice coffee/cafe sua da. No more fear of that you need to speak the language to get the right thing ordered.

I love Cafe Sua Da though it gets me so jazzed that I come crashing down to a neurotic lil’ girl. It’s crack coffeeeeeeee
Cafe Sua Da

Conclusion: Product branding is brilliant. I love it. Just wished the caliber of food would match up. The bread really beats my gums up. =(

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