Well, I’m not quite famous, but I was officially published on cheapflights.com! The somewhat legit status makes me happy! Find the article here.

p.s. In the article, Great Bao is mentioned; however, per Chef Sheridan, they are mobile until they find a new storefront to call home. Let’s home they find a home soon! Update: Chef Sheridan has found a new home with Fat Choy in the Eureka Casino. Menu items to highlight – Duck Bao, Pork Belly Bao, Pork Belly BLT. Yes you read that right. Now go try it.

I was also featured on Mystery Meet’s Podcast “Find Dining” recently! I talk about yummy Italian food at Parma by Chef Marc.

Mystery Meet Podcast Guest

Here’s an article on my Top 5 Off The Beaten Path Finds in Las Vegas.

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