Indian Curry Bowl gives me yummies in my tummie

Indian Curry Bowl
(702) 233-2695
5643 Centennial Center Blvd
Las Vegas NV 89149

01.28.2012 UPDATE: Indian Curry Bowl has closed (Possibly due to decreased quality of food and poor reviews???) Sad….

This girl (*points to self with both thumbs) is soooo LUcky to have good eats around her! woot. Indian Curry Bowl is another semi-fast food/semi-sit down joint in the northwest Las Vegas area and also down the street from Market Grille Cafe. It’s located just down from Fresh & Easy and in the same shopping center as 24hr Fitness and Cafe Rio.

All the dishes are MOM-cooked and the mama’s are all super nice, too!

Even though I haven’t tried everything, I can confidently jump to the conclusion that everything is probably pretty good. The curry isn’t as thick as other Indian curries I’ve had, but I definitely like the flavor resulting from all the spices. You can asked for the chili on the side if you’re eating with people with different tolerance levels for heat. Personally, I luv that stuff! gimme gimme gimme…

extra chili!

Here’s what I tried so far… (per the owner, all chicken is chicken breast)
1. Garlic Naan – slightly charred, but it was nice and chewy. Lil’ bit of burnt taste gives it flavor… haha
Garlic Naan
2. Vegetable Samosa – (Deep fried, but not too greasy. When do I ever say “no” to deep fried?)
3. Butter Chicken – similar to chicken tikka
Butter Chicken
4. Chicken Tikka Masala (Tomato based curry)
5. Chicken Saag (Spinach based stew)
6. Chicken Korma (Coconut based curry)
Chicken Korma

p.s. They have a lunch special for a curry bowl that’s $5.95+, depending on the extras you get. YUmmy curry on fluffy rice = happy lunch time nap.

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